It's because I like the word "mazy"

I have had nothing to say recently that isn't a depressive self-absorbed whinge, so I have chosen to STFU. I have been spending my time a) working, and b) memorizing "Kubla Khan" for reasons I cannot quite explain, probably because they don't exist. Since I'm not actually trying to memorize it and I made that up just now to amuse you, I can recite only maybe nine lines of it. So far. Check back tomorrow. (How do actors do it? Must learn their tricks.)

This inexplicable sudden obsession might express itself as story. Who knows.
I don't mind depressive self-absorbed whinging when it's you!
Hope the weekend brings you some sunshine.
That sunny dome! those caves of ice! My weekend should at least be unpressured by the need to do anything other than laundry, and I think I can rise to that task. Also planned: catching up with House. A dose of Hugh Laurie should do me good.
Isn't KK what Coleridge wrote in a totally stoned haze? Jeebus, knock back a few espressos & grab a paintbrush! You've attained expressionism!! Me, I'm trying to memorize 'To His Coy Mistress', Marvell.
Another poem I love greatly. C.f. "Gas-ring Alchemy" for expression of that love.

KK is indeed the product of an opium dream, interrupted in the transcription by the person from Porlock. Check DNA's first Dirk Gently novel for an awesome reinterpretation of that story.
Hmm. I for one have missed you and your posts. I wish I had your self-discipline and was able to just stfu. I'll add that to my To Do list.
I figure depressive whinging is what the husband is paid to listen to. You guys need entertainment. Hmm. Unless you find whinging entertaining. I suppose I could figure out a way to whine and moan entertainingly. Sort of like Woody Allen.
"Kubla Khan" feels good in the mouth. That's reason enough as far as I'm concerned.

Rythmic language is very, very satisfying. And comforting, too. Sometimes cathartic. I should revive those Shakespeare monologues I used to know... when I try now I dry up at transitions.
I was trying to figure out how it is that I memorize poetry. Sometimes I'll stick a word with the right scansion and meaning into a slot, but it's the wrong word. Or I'll swap groups of lines or something. Drying up at transitions seems like something I would do too.
meandering in a mazy motion. One of the great lines in poetry for sheer evocative sound. Now let us conjure with the thought of Giles letting his hand meander in a mazy motion across--well, I prefer him getting all mazy with guys, so in my head it's Wesley whose skin is all tingly under the maddening touch.
I am picturing Giles' hand meandering in mazy motion across Wesley's bare stomach. In glancing sunlight that catches the tiny hairs so they glow. Giles is brushing across them and studying them intently.
Ooh, comment porn. Wesley's skin contracts, almost winces at a touch so light it's barely perceptible, but deep in his groin a heat begins to burn.
Back in my acting days, I did it with repitition and a disgustingly good memory. My brain ain't what it used to be, but if I sat down to memorize Kubla Khan, I'd certainly be able to do it fairly quickly.

Tricks? Meh. Didn't have any in particular. I was just revoltingly good at it. It annoyed my fellow theater students that I'd sometimes wait until the fifteen-minute walk to class to start memorizing the piece we'd been assigned a week ago and had to perform that day...and then be praised by the teacher for having it word perfect.

(is a total bitch)
I have a terrifying memory, but mostly it goes to work remembering trivia about computer languages and libraries these days. I am envious, though.
No worries. Everybody needs their private time. OTOH, I'm back home in the Bay Area soon, would happily take you out for breakfast/lunch/coffee etc for Happy Times and general cheeriness. Oh, and I'm not an axe murderer. Really. :-)
I believe you :) Neither am I. Just another shabby geek, that's me. Zing me some email when you're in the area and let's do something. I'm taking the last week in October off, so will be entirely footloose then.