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The application of semi-random inputs to the creative process

Well, this is odd. Odd, but deeply positive: a reading for the characters of "An Antique Roman".

Have 9 of Swords Nightmares. Oppression, fear, stress. But is it all in your head?
Want 4 of Cups Depression, boredom, stagnation.
Need 10 of Cups Love, joy, and friendship, all stable and family-style.
Get 10 of Pentacles Prosperity rooted in tradition. The fulfillment of physical needs.

From one of the nastiest cards to one of the best. I was thinking Ethan, but it's more applicable to Giles, given that starting point card. The 4 of Cups is quite interesting in that position, and that's the one I'll get the most mileage out of.

Draft 2 is underway, and I might be finished with it soon. I have some starts for my other projects, too. Mental logjam broke some time yesterday. I might be difficult to find on IM for a few days while I take frantic advantage of the up phase of the manic-depressive writer's cycle.

ETA bonus link: story summaries, cat macro style.
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