Wimsey cogito

A brief dispatch before I submerge

All of the essays synecdochic has been posting recently about writing craft have been interesting and worthwhile. Check 'em out. Metafandom has them under the writing tag. (Metafandom: much more readable as a del.icio.us feed than as LJ comm. Though it's consistently more boring now than it was in the days when it had lots of fandom-specific stuff.)

I am watching the fan reconstruction of the first appearance of the Second Doctor. Oh BBC, you so stupid! Never throw content away!

Though I am am now going to hit pause on that and finish the draft of what I'm working on at the moment. Because I can feel how close it is...
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i'm beginning to understand that everything is a little bit better as a del.icio.us feed than on livejournal. except that livejournal just has way more stuff.
LJ is good for posting stories; del.icio.us is good for publishing links to those stories.

del.icio.us is great for traditional link-focused blogging, like the various fandom newsletters. I really like it for doing giles_watchers. It doesn't try to do journal stuff, like what Livejournal was designed to do. LJ does have tons of stuff! But it's so amazingly hard to find.