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Ow. Also, ow.

Am now home from work with soul-destroying, painkiller-resisting headache of wanting to lose lunch. Ulch. Serious badness, and I'm going to put a pillow over my eyes in another second. Before my head exploded I wrote this:

This is what it's all about. At least for me as a writer. It's the same point as the John Gardner "describe the barn" exercise.
Describe a barn from the point of view of a man who has just learned that his son has been killed in a war. Do not mention the son, the war, or the death. (The exercise should run to about one typed page.)
Okay. That's not what it's all about; there are other things. But that's a big one.

There are so many ways of writing that page of description. So many correct answers to the problem. And the process of evaluating those answers is so difficult. synecdochic gives one method of approach & evaluation.
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I'm so sorry you're feeling awful! May the ache pass soonest.
What is with the headaches? I ask you. I don't get them. But now apparently I do. WHAT. Hoping your Friday is a better start to the weekend than mine...
Sorry about the headache. Sorrier still, I seem to have managed one in solidarity. Ow, ow, ow. Am currently huddled in my brown-chair-of-refuge trying not to use the computer and failing miserably. Do you think we picked this up in the monastery? Hope the pillow helps and the Mina-kitteh is at least quiet while she frolics.

The animals are all sleeping in their daytime hidey holes. The sad sad fact is that they sleep all day while we toil to buy their food.
Of course, five minutes after I posted that, Mina flung herself at me mewing desperately for attention. O.o
I'm sorry you are not feeling well.

Interesting thoughts on writing. :)

I have re-written the same story from at least seven different perspectives. Total waste? I don't know. It's taught me a lot about writing and thinking about the process.
I'd call that a completely valuable exercise, and I should make myself do that with something. Huh!