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Due Date Title Pairing Description Progress
ASAP "An Antique Roman" Giles/Ethan Ethan is unimpressed by magical snow, and decides to meddle. first draft complete
Oct 13 unknown Giles/Xander Crackfic prompt response for Sofy. Hee. idea phase
Oct 16 "Partners" 2 Giles/Xander Picks up where the first part left off, and complicates matters further. vague outline
Nov 4 unknown Nine/withheld Doctor Who fandom. fortyorbetter ficathon story. I'm terrified. nada
Nov 11 "Scrubbing London" (working) Giles/Buffy "Buffy is the Hero" ficathon. Turns out a "Breathing" sequel would fit the prompt perfectly. basic idea

No letup from now until mid-November, pretty much. Oh, it's another fine mess you've gotten yourself into this time, A.
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OMG! A sequel to Breathing! And it won't be out until November! GAH!

(My over-hyphenating has turned into over-banging, but I am excited. You got that, right?)
I figured that one would be a crowd-pleaser :) I think it'll really please my ficathon assign-ee, too.
I second the massive excitement! It is a very fine mess, quite outstanding!
I need to manage my time between now and then carefully. And squeeze in a vacation somewhere. Hubby & I have been talking about taking off for the UK late in Oct.