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I have no joke here, I just like saying "museek concrett" in a really nasal voice

Ah, let's see, Heroes premiere was excellent, promising a solid start for the season. The Dread Pirate Roberts came to mind, in an odd way. As did this advice: "Don't mess with HRG." Otherwise, I will reserve commentary until I've had more think time. (ETA: Note spoilers in comments.)

Got excellent feedback from Beta Reader of Giving Excellent Feedback, who as usual knows where my story is even when I've lost track. shitsu_tonka, my apologies for making you wait forever for your ficathon story, but it'll be another week. On the plus side, I'm kinda fired up about the story now, so I think (hope) it will be worth it.

Plan is to work on work-work tonight, though, because my brain seems to have caught fire there. Hooray for making the employer happy!

Random link for today: Okay. I fully admit my geekery. I also fully admit my musical geekery. But nonetheless, the story of how the first version of the Doctor Who theme was recorded was utterly fascinating. I knew it would be technically interesting, because synthesis was in its earliest days, and multi-track recording didn't really exist either. But it was even more interesting than I'd expected.

Side note: I like Orbital's live version a whole bunch. Otherwise, none of the re-recordings are even a tiny patch on that first musique concrète version.
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