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I have no joke here, I just like saying "museek concrett" in a really nasal voice

Ah, let's see, Heroes premiere was excellent, promising a solid start for the season. The Dread Pirate Roberts came to mind, in an odd way. As did this advice: "Don't mess with HRG." Otherwise, I will reserve commentary until I've had more think time. (ETA: Note spoilers in comments.)

Got excellent feedback from Beta Reader of Giving Excellent Feedback, who as usual knows where my story is even when I've lost track. shitsu_tonka, my apologies for making you wait forever for your ficathon story, but it'll be another week. On the plus side, I'm kinda fired up about the story now, so I think (hope) it will be worth it.

Plan is to work on work-work tonight, though, because my brain seems to have caught fire there. Hooray for making the employer happy!

Random link for today: Okay. I fully admit my geekery. I also fully admit my musical geekery. But nonetheless, the story of how the first version of the Doctor Who theme was recorded was utterly fascinating. I knew it would be technically interesting, because synthesis was in its earliest days, and multi-track recording didn't really exist either. But it was even more interesting than I'd expected.

Side note: I like Orbital's live version a whole bunch. Otherwise, none of the re-recordings are even a tiny patch on that first musique concrète version.
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Oh dear, that was meant to be encouraging, not add to the pressure. It'll be worth the wait because you can write, a story from you is always a good thing thus I don't mind when it turns up. I know all about trying to get stories done. For example there is a huge blank space where the conclusion of 'The Five Stages of Living' should be *sighs, then wanders off to avoid doing any work on a first draft that's going nowhere*
I know that as a reader, I do prefer to wait for the story to get finished right. There's plenty of time. I just hate making my own readers wait. (Though of course I do. Over and over.)
I'm thinking Sulu will make a reappearance, even without some lame cheat-death sort of contrivance. Hiro time travels, and when he returns to find his father gone... Well, what would anyone do with that kind of power?
Poor Hiro. Well, at least he'll get the swordsmith's daughter. Heh. That is, if the obvious thing happens with that plotline.