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Yesterday I did not finish the draft of the Giles/Ethan story, though I am mere inches away from being finished with A Crappy First Draft(tm). However, I did send what I had to my Intrepid Beta Reader, so goal met in some fashion.

Next task is to write notes for my next G/X story. Several possibilities. In the WIP-finishing spirit, I will probably choose to finish "Partners". As I have, somewhat tediously, mentioned before.

Saturday: As noted in previous entry, watched New Who. Am enjoying both New and Old Who for different reasons. Will need to rewatch Nine soonest for ficathon assignment reasons. Nine smut: in November!
Sunday morning had insomnia. Woke up around 3:30am, chatted with a surprised seldomifever, and speed-read through about twenty stories on ODD before I decided I could sleep again.
This weekend I also played about two minutes into Half-life 2: Episode One and played engineer in one practice Team Fortress 2 game. Then I played a lot of WOW with Mr P.
Last night I fell asleep with laundry still in the dryer. Oops.
This morning I woke up shivering and sore-throaty. Bah! I don't want this. Go away, viruses/germs/other foreign life forms.
Tonight: new Heroes, right? Right?

In short: life is about as it usually is with me. How is it with you?
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For lo, the adventures of Hiro Nakamura continue tonight, and there shall be great rejoicing throughout the land. There would also be sushi for dinner if there were any justice in said land or money in our bank account.

I have two betas to do, but I'm seriously thinking of going and killing some Sims, as well.
Damn IT then. I'm driving up there some time and taking you out for sushi. Okay, not today, because I fear I'm contagious.
Because two things are tragedies*: 1) that we have not met yet despite being 40 miles apart, and 2) that sushi is desired but lacking. Pardon me, please. I'm swimmy-headed and feeling definitive.

*Sufficiently small definitions of "tragedy".
(pets your fevered brow)

Yes, they are tiny definitions of tragedy, but definitions of that thing nonetheless.

Now go lie down and get better so we can go eat seafood and blather about fandom together soonest!
When you are not contagious, I'd love to be taken out for sushi.

I'm both easy and relatively reasonably priced in that regard.

Also, my half-Japanese husband won't eat seafood. Humph. Want fish.
I woke up sick as well. Throat is killing me. Probably change in the weather related. The mornings are freezing and the afternoons are hot. Post-nasal is drippy. Sucky mcsucky.

Hope you are better soon. Canna wait for story!!
A person
Can develop La grippe
La grippe, La post nasal drip
With the wheezes
And the sneezes
And a sinus that's really a pip!
From a lack of community property
And a feeling she's getting too old
Oh, a person
Can develop
A bad, bad cold!

Sorry. I just suddenly burst into song.
Vitamin C, I say. That's the ticket! (Okay, in my head is somebody saying, "Ease with security! Ah, that's the ticket!" What is that from? Ah. The Man of Property. Carry on.)
Holy wow you sound spaced! (immature giggling* at adult acting silly)
Me, I got my lazyass hunter to 46, and much tradeskilling was done. Same old.

*(I'm a year older than you, dood, but ya I'm giggling at that free-range poetry!)
I'm pretty out of it. Despite this, I ditched XML in my side-project app this morning and reimplemented using the JSON-based API. I'm sold on JSON. I could rant about it. I would be incomprehensible and spaced and in need of conking out.

Our Played Once A Week characters are now at level 34 and just about ready to hit Scarlet Monastery. We rocked our way through Gnomer last week. And yeah, tradeskilling was what I did yesterday. I decided to play a jewelcrafter this time just for the heck of it.
Just FYI, no way my tank is going to be ready by Wednesday. I made it up 7 levels this weekend but now my eyes, they bleed. No one to blame but myself either, because I decided I just had to get Klarisse her mount first. :(
I just checked in my JSON work, and now, man, I gotta go home or I'm going to be dead.

I am thinking of sitting out a week to let Biaggi, Awahurs, and the Gleepster catch up to me. I'm halfway to 35, entirely by accident. You could level with them, mebbe?
Maybe. I also have a low thirties Tauren hunter hanging about that I could use this week. I'm not much of a hunter though.
Hey! Hope you get to feeling better. I bought some stuff called Head On that's a sinus headache reliever that you rub on your forehead. It does work which surprises me. I have to watch taking pain killers because they do a number on my stomach so I was pleased to find this stuff. Cost me 7.99 but looks like it will last quite a while. Got it at Walgreens.
And even if it doesn't get rid of the headache, your forehead will feel all sparkley for a while.
Sore throat much reduced this morning, phew! Though it's going around my workplace-- lots of coworkers were griping about it yesterday. I'm sure the Typhoid Mary was walking among us back on Friday. Bleah.

I also hate taking painkillers and delay it as much as possible. I learned the hard way after surgery why this is sometimes a bad idea.
Do you have one of those people who drag themselves into the office even though they clearly need to be hospitalized? Usually they do this because they are setting some sort of attendance record. Pricks.