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The new companion

Mr Pedia and I are now watching season 3, and we've done the first two episodes with Martha.

First reaction from both of us: We like Martha! Lots! She's smart and calm and knows stuff and reacted perfectly to being transported to the moon. She's quick-witted. These are qualities I like in my female characters. So we're connecting with Martha far more than we did with Rose.

Not that we disliked Rose. (Though oddly, I think we both liked Jackie even more. We were extremely pleased by her eventual reunion with Pete.) We were happy with Rose/Nine. I think we can't properly understand the deal with Rose & the Doctor until we've seen more classic Who and have some examples of other Companions to compare with. I have a feeling "School Reunion" is going to be fairly important in understanding this. His relationship with Martha is going to be reaction/contrast with what he had with Rose. Which I'm gonna bet right now is displaced reaction to the destruction of Gallifrey.

Dammit. I'm going to want to know all the canon here before I feel I can have a real opinion. Anyway. Season 3.

"Smith and Jones" was great stuff. Loved barefoot Doctor.

"The Shakespeare Code" was less satisfying overall than I was hoping it might be. Loved the Harry Potter references, of course. And liked that it was so wordy. But it might have been stronger if it had kept its references more contained to a specific play. Macbeth of course comes to mind. And if the references had been less nudge-nudge-wink-wink at the audience, and more submerged in the dialog. I'm left thinking that the concept was great, the execution sloppy.

Best line in it: the Doctor on the bed in the inn, nose to nose with a gorgeous and smiling Martha, saying he couldn't see what was right in front of his face. From the echoes I've seen on the flist, this is going to be the theme of the season, yes?
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