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Today I'm wearing Schrodinger's Cat

Welcome to the fall. Here in the San Francisco area, the weather seems to have taken the hint and switched to cool almost overnight. Where did the year go? 2006 was agonizingly slow for me, but 2007 is going by too fast. Insert standard bleat.

This week has been an unproductive one. I wrote almost nothing, neither fiction for fun nor software for work. I need a vacation badly. I'm glad it's the weekend. I can catch up on sleep, laundry, cat-patting, writing, reading, and exercise. Only I am really doubting I'll catch up on anything but sleep and television-watching. But alas, I must catch up on fiction-writing, because my October 16 date at the gilesxander October fest is rushing up.

I was thinking of continuing "Partners", my contrarian thing about Xander-the-Watcher with Kennedy-the-Slayer. And Giles the Dude Making Decisions That Annoy Wesley Greatly. And if I catch fire, the later story in the same universe, total schmooptasm, in which Xander and Willow conspire to give Giles something he's always wanted.

Honestly, at this point I'd be happy to complete a stinkin' drabble successfully. Though truly the Giles/Ethan story has its sweet charm. Sunday. I said Sunday, and I'm holding to it.
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