Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Eureka, "Maneater"

In which Carter is bewitched, bothered, and bewildered...

GD is being made to attend sexual harassment training. Taggart is injecting wolves with hormone cocktails to promote mating. Eureka's AC is on the fritz, and the tunnel-hacking dude who maintains it has gone missing. Laundromat Chick is coming on to Carter and he's being hinky about it. Particularly after he turns into a chick magnet.

Unlike Xander's self-imposed predicament in BB&B, Carter's is short-range and not his fault. The blame is some random spore, which by means of tech tech the tech tech, overstimulates production of a hormone that drives chicks wild. Can we stop calling this show science fiction? This cranky old-style written SF fan thinks that the Magic Described with Terms from PseudoScience thing is getting old already.

However, that's a pointless grouse about a problem I knew the show would have from the start. Really I should grouse about how character illumination and growth can't happen when these predicaments are external in origin. It would have been more interesting if character choices had caused the problems and some kind of character movement had resulted. This is the difference between comedy and drama: Eureka is comedy at its heart and will continue to be so long as the focus is on happenstance.

Things I liked: Carter-Jo banter. Taggart getting some screen time. The tiny progress made in the overall arc. (What is Stark's motivation, really? Why don't they just talk to Henry? He'd probably help.)

Things I didn't: the spiky-haired jerk whom they seem to have decided is Jo's love interest. Bleah. The mild fun poked at female sexual desire is something familiar to us all, and also a feature of the somewhat troubling Buffy script.

Question: Why didn't Vincent react to Carter? We know he's gay... but I guess the magical hormone that makes "female brains" crazy doesn't affect a gay male brain. Somebody with more patience than I can untangle the implications here.

And it appears to be time to find a Eureka icon.
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