Iterim censeo, Carthago delenda est

And in closing, I'd like to note that I am now sold on the virtues of Google docs for beta-reading stories. I refuse to write them using it (I have a perfectly good text editor that I've been using for ten years and can make dance without looking at the keyboard) but for getting and making comments long-distance, it's a win.
Wow, thanks for mentioning this--it looks like it may be a workable way for me to get HTML out of a Word doc without hours of fidgeting.
Word's HTML generation is really quite spectacularly bad, I have to agree. And this is a pretty useful tool for any kind of remote collaboration.
If you ever have need to use Google docs for spreadsheets, watch out. It tends to mangle the dates a bit, such that upon re-import into Excel or one of the open-source alternative Desktop apps, for that matter, the dates are royally effed up.

Yargh! Good to know, thanks. My work life does not include a lot of spreadsheet-wrangling, thank goodness.