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Awaiting the sensation of a short sharp shock

Well, there's.... no, boring. And then there's... no, that's boring too. Er, at least I don't have to do giles_watchers tonight, thanks to the awesome kambee. Which is good, because to be honest, easy as that task is, I think it might be beyond me tonight. Brain == pudding. Was virtuous this morning, at least: packages and other oddments mailed.

I have some Blake's 7 to watch. I also have lots and lots of Doctor Who to watch. And last night's Eureka. Not to mention a movie with Mr Ears, Christopher Eccleston. What will I watch tonight? None of the above. Instead I will try to write.

I've never had Ethan go shippy on me before. But boy howdy, he's shippy in this story.

This discussion on Buffy's choice to activate the Potentials featured some interesting points made on both sides. Check it out, and fill out the poll if you're interested.

I found myself emphatically agreeing with liz_marcs' third point. I think I've discussed with some of you before how the subtexts in BtVS often undercut the overt message of feminism and empowering women with a story that is anything but. (And maybe not in the subtext, either: lots of the latter parts of the series are about how being the Slayer is destroying Buffy as a human being.) Slayer power might seem kick-ass, but really what it is, is a ticket to pain, suffering, and early death for all subjected to it. With no choice.

There are lots of stories to be told about that kind of setup, of course, but "go grrrl power" is not one that leaps to mind for me.

I'm curious to see if Whedon chooses to investigate the darker side of Buffy's action in the overall storyline of Buffy season 8. There were hints in Buffy's interaction with the military men that not everyone sees her behavior as an unmitigated good. And his "chain" story touches on the issue of choice. But then, we'll also have to see if Whedon has any interesting stories at all to tell about his Buffyverse; I remain unconvinced on that point.
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