And he likes classic cars, too

We have just finished watching the Third Doctor's first serial, "Spearhead from Space", in which he faces the same enemy Nine did in his first outing. (I note from the wikipedia article that more than one new companion was introduced in stories featuring this enemy. ) I like Pertwee's Doctor: he's egotistical and eccentric. And charming. Just what a Doctor should be, I think. I haven't yet seen the Ur-Doctor Four, though.

Navel-gazing Fic Meta-a-thon! Write either a DVD commentary on a story, or an analysis of your own canon. Whee! Navel-gazing is my natural state, so hey! Sounds perfect. But the trouble with this ficathon will be getting the participants to read each other's entries.

No, seriously, I'll be here all week.

What else? Current story at 6400 words; will be around 10K when done, maybe fewer if I spend some time editing it down and condensing it. Even fewer if I shoot it in the head. Have set a deadline for myself: it will be posted on Sunday. Or at least sent to beta. Or. Um. Something. By Sunday. There. I've said it. Now y'all will hold me to it, right?
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Don't shoot yourself in the head, regardless of recalcitrant fic. ;-)

The Navel-Gazing Fic Meta-a-thon would be great, but *seriously*, I can't imagine the participants reading each other's work!

Happy Tuesday.
Heh. Yes, it was practically the first thing that occurred to me about it. Snorfle!

I can't promise I won't shoot the story in the head, but my own noggin is safe. How could I engage in navel contemplation without a functioning melon? The horror!
I did love Pertwee's Doctor...but I have to admit that I fell totally, overwhelmingly and completely in love and adoration with the Fourth Doctor!

The Philip Hinchcliffe era with Sarah Jane and Harry...that was MY golden age. LOL God, I adore it.
I hope Tom Baker lives up to the hype. His voice is lovely, though, and I already know it well. So I'm sure I'll be a sucker for it. (Voice gets me every time. Every darn time.)
Well I don't think there CAN be enough hype for the great God, Tom Baker! A truly great Doctor. And to be honest, even the crappiest written of his stories - Creature from the Pit and Horns of Nimon take a bow - have something to enjoy and giggle over.

I remember being at Panopticon the year he turned up - his first UK con for YEARS. They just said "mystery guest"...he walked in and the place just erupted. I damn near wet myself with excitement. Lovely, lovely man in the flesh too - he really seems to love signing autographs and chatting away to people.
Okay, tell me without spoiling me: does UNIT ever do anything useful ever? In both the modern Who and the old one, their function seems to be to shoot haplessly at slowly-advancing badguys and then keel over dead when shot by hopelessly superior weaponry.
I think basically they are just there to be a foil for the Doctor.

However. Saying that...they DO have their uses. I don't know how far along the Pertwee's you are but there are some nice moral "clashes" in there - and in some cases, UNIT are sort of essential.

I liked them - but then, I had a bit of a crush on Capt Mike Yates. *sigh*...not sure my taste has improved much actually.
Completely unrelated comment
Have you gotten your 'Buffy is the hero, damnit" assignment. It says we should get them by Sept. 16 and as you can see it's the 18th and I still haven't gotten mine.

Before I hijacked an entry of someone I don't know to ask, I thought I'd hijack one of someone I did know.

So... have you gotten yours?
Re: Completely unrelated comment
*sigh of relief*

Ok, as long as it's not just me. I just had this terrible feeling like being picked last for dodgeball in gym or something. I'll wander over to their lj and ask.
Re: Completely unrelated comment
And lo! I now have mine! I would guess you have yours now too :)
I never saw Pertwee (except in various YouTube clips). When I was a kid I was REALLY into the fourth Doctor, though. I think you will like him! (Yes, my sister and I even knitted a very long Whovian scarf while watching the show on PBS.)

I do want to watch a bit more Pertwee, though, if only because both RTD and David Tennant profess a great love for his work.
Netflix has it all! As do the, er, intertubenets, not that I would suggest such a thing. Watch all the older Doctors!
Heh, mine too. I'm trying, really I am, but it's kinda hard when I've mostly circumscribed my non-fannish-writing-life out of the allowed topics.
I'm side-topicing again
Right. I remember you saying that you liked the 9th Doctor, and if my brain hasn't completely fried, you also enjoyed 'The Chronicles of Narnia.' If my memory is correct twice, have a gander. It's a neat crossover ficlet that actually *works* (and seriously, how does one create a hyper-link so as to not post the entire URL?).
Re: I'm side-topicing again
Holy crap, that fic is fabulous. Thank you for the pointer! Wow.

How to do a link in-text:
<a href="url_goes_here">anchor text here</a>
Re: I'm side-topicing again
Hmm. I think I'm stupid. Do you do private tutoring?

Glad you liked! That particular site is very cool; there are some Buffy and Harry Potter crossovers, too, if you feel so inclined. ;-)

So, what are your thoughts about the Doctor (in an unbelivably repressed, brooding, self-sacrificing sort of way) doing his damdest not to fall in love?

(I'm referring to 9 and 10, as I haven't had occasion to see anything of 1-8; my mother assures me this is a crime against nature.)