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And he likes classic cars, too

We have just finished watching the Third Doctor's first serial, "Spearhead from Space", in which he faces the same enemy Nine did in his first outing. (I note from the wikipedia article that more than one new companion was introduced in stories featuring this enemy. ) I like Pertwee's Doctor: he's egotistical and eccentric. And charming. Just what a Doctor should be, I think. I haven't yet seen the Ur-Doctor Four, though.

Navel-gazing Fic Meta-a-thon! Write either a DVD commentary on a story, or an analysis of your own canon. Whee! Navel-gazing is my natural state, so hey! Sounds perfect. But the trouble with this ficathon will be getting the participants to read each other's entries.

No, seriously, I'll be here all week.

What else? Current story at 6400 words; will be around 10K when done, maybe fewer if I spend some time editing it down and condensing it. Even fewer if I shoot it in the head. Have set a deadline for myself: it will be posted on Sunday. Or at least sent to beta. Or. Um. Something. By Sunday. There. I've said it. Now y'all will hold me to it, right?
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