Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Weekend update

Yesterday: Away from computers all day to go to Monterey with nemaihne and Mr N. We saw many ottarz at the aquarium. The trip to see them is highly recommended. The aquarium famously has local sea otters, but the special display at the moment features several freshwater otter species. And they are way cool to watch. Like sinuous Asian dragons rolling and spinning in the water. It was a great day there overall. The weather was perfect.

Also yesterday: viewing of the Hot Fuzz DVD with deleted scenes and outtakes. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are love.

Today: Housework, story-writing, lounging around in pajamas as late as possible. I hope to complete a draft of the Giles/Ethan "Amends" retake for shitsu_tonka. This hope is in vain, but I can try.

Bonus Panic: My assignment for the forty_or_better ficathon is Doctor Who. Well, I'm going to find out very quickly if I can write Nine. A rewatch is required.

Random link for today: Charlie the Unicorn.
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