"The Runaway Bride" rocks the house. I entirely approve of this chick. She slapped him! Over and over! Just what the dude needs!

And I loved what she had to say at the end. He does seem to need a bit more than a witness to his deeds: somebody to remind him of balance and something other than "the big picture".
I'm delighted that she's going to be a season 3 companion. I think she'll bring some old school fun without all the pining for the Doctor back to the series.

My favorite part of the episode, ok, apart from the running "pockets" line, was when the Doctor was trying to get her to jump and the 2 little kids in the car were cheering her on. I think that part is just spectacular.
There was so much good stuff in that episode, from the writing to the direction to the performances from the two leads. The spider was kinda boring and cheesy, but the cheese was pure Who (as I have come to understand it) so I rolled with it. Loved the ongoing pockets thing, loved the business with the taxis, loved her bossiness and refusal to be put off.
Oh yeah!

After the dire "Christmas Invasion" this one was terrific. I'm hoping they don't change Donna TOO much because she was SO right - he DOES need slapping.

Also nice to see a companion that's to put this nicely...too youthful. LOL.
Mr P and I agreed it was the most fun we'd had watching Who in a while. Great stuff, and I'm overjoyed to hear we'll see more of Donna.
Stubble plus grin == love! And yes, Donna rocks and I'm thrilled we'll be seeing more of her. I also hear that Martha is a great companion too.
Oh gosh, your post makes me want to go back and re-watch this episode. It's been so long since it aired I can barely remember all the details.

I'm a little bit afraid that Kylie Minogue's episode won't be as good, but I guess it doesn't matter too much because then we'll get Catherine Tate back again.

As others pointed out in comments, it will be great to have a companion who isn't some young whipper-snapper.
It was huge fun: worth a rewatch. Youth is all very well, but I am suspicious of the Doctor's reasons for choosing it. I'll like him better when he's riding along with somebody who snarks at him.
Catharine Tate has the potential to be a very good companion. It will be nice to see someone older who can give as good as she gets from the doctor. However, if she says "am I bovvered?" I might just scream. :)
Yeah, that that relationship needs is tension and conflict and snark and UST. I very much like snark in my TV shows, particularly between the leads. (Why House hits all my buttons: exhibit A.)
Re: Something to amuse you
Heh. Love the song, one of my all-time favorites. I thought it was a bit redundant to make an animation for a song that has a perfectly good movie animation to start with, though. Plus, Eric Idle!