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Friday night procrastination

I am covered in virtue in a couple of respects today, in that I made some progress on to-do items in work, fandom, and Life In General. Yay. Great. You don't care about that.

I wore my brown engineer boots today and they are fabulous. No, still not caring. I can tell.

I am trying a new iTunes randomization method: I am playing things in alphabetical order by artist. This means I have just transitioned from the Vapors (proto-Jam-ish band, unsuccessful ultimately despite tight songwriting and a novelty hit) to Vapourspace (neo-classicist electronic). Mental whiplash. But jumping jehosaphat, people, "Gravitational Arch of 10" is an awesome track. Hearing it live way oh so many years ago (on a tour with Orbital when they were babies and Aphex Twin when he was listenable) was amazing.

Okay, how about dvd_commentary? This is a thingie where people write commentaries on stories by people who are not them. I think this idea is pretty neat, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of Buffyverse participation this time around.

List of authors who are willing to suffer. Authors can sign up on that post. I am signed up. That means you can write commentaries for anything I have been foolish enough to write and post.
Comment here to claim a story. Here's the list of claimed stories.
Note total lack of Gilesy stories. In fact, the SGA and Supernatural fandoms seem to be the ones interested in this game.

This is a perfect chance to brush off those close reading skills you haven't used since college. Or, sign up and bribe me into torturing you with a commentary!

Also, and I cannot overstate the importance of this, the Fourth Annual Watcherlove Ficathon needs you. Giles and Wesley must find each other. sahiya will shoot me if I sign up for any more ficathons, so I cannot sign up for this one, but you can.

Your random link for today: Software makes an oscilloscope do cool things. This brought my office much joy earlier this week. The tone used to drive the scope sounds like Mario Andretti's robot cousin doing laps. Of course vector displays are old hat, but it's the whacky indirectness of software to sound file to scope inputs that makes the hack pleasing.
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