TEA evil can wait

I approve of the concept. Yes.

Well, um, yeah, check the Jeanty alternative cover for issue #9, the conclusion of the Faith arc. Yes. Indeed. In concept, the pair of them as Steed and Peel is in fact an excellent one. Jeanty's art is as horrible as always, leaving me to sniffle at the waste of the concept.

But if that's where the comic is going, at least in spirit, then I am so down with that. What are the chances they're going to break my heart?

ETA: Crack!fic concept: Giles in Steed uniform as per usual, Xander in skin-tight buttery leather outfits.

And while I'm on the topic, is there some place other than TFAW to get preorders from? Because I am thinking they suck.
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WOW. That is some fanzine-quality art if ever I saw some. And in a fanzine I'd be grateful for that, but from a Real Live Commercial Publication, it's disappointing.

As you say, though, about the concept. :):)
It's just shockingly bad, isn't it? WTF is with the proportions of the heads to bodies? And what's with Faith's face? I am really not reconciling myself with Jeanty's style in any way.
I enjoy some Faith/Giles, but if fucking Joss puts them together, I'll be heartbroken. Seriously. I have issues with feeling characters really exist, and if their creator makes something happen...All's I can say is it'll kill me.
Hmmm... that art does leave little to be desired. The idea is promising I suppose. Any chance to see Giles in action is worth it.
Giles in Steed uniform and Xander in leather.....mmmmmm.

*scribbles down ideas* I may have something for the Giles/Xander ficathon now. Thanks!