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Oh no, another story

I am embarrassed to say that instead of doing anything useful yesterday, like cleaning the house or putting books away or cataloging my lint collection, I wrote and nearly completed a draft of my own pervy Core Four fic. It surprised me by being most definitely smut, and smut of a kind that I have never written before and hadn't thought myself likely to write. (I enjoy reading it, but when I write I tend to want to blur the hydraulic details as being less interesting than other things I could be describing.) It is not pr0n, however, because it's definitely a story with character development and a moment of change brought about by the encounter between the four of them.

Well, okay, it's probably pr0n.

It's also much less G/B-ish than I would have predicted, given my usual preferences.

[Edit] Okay, it's done. Must find somebody to give it the once-over to make sure I haven't committed any anatomical impossibilities or grammatical outrages.
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