dr who 9

Mr Pedia explains it for you

Me: I can totally believe that Rose and Jack and 9 spent a happy night or twenty shagging like bunnies. But that guy (points to 10) has never had sex in his life.

Mr Pedia: Oh yes he has! Somewhere in the galaxy there is a planet full of 6-foot-tall female chickens.
10: Like him, like the sneakers, but there is an inherent iz-twelve goofiness there. Plus, you know, the hair.

That's the second time in two days someone has made me snort my Latte.

(note to self: do not read lj comments whilst drinking coffee)

LMAO! I'm so not going to be able to watch 10 without thinking chickens now.
I have (cough) the entirety of #4 ready to watch. Must finish #10's third season first. Or maybe I'll just go nuts and watch the Scarfed One first.
Go nuts and watch Four first, he's, like, bettuuuuuuuuur and stuff. Plus then you can incessantly mock my mad crush on him. :-D
I think I'm in love with Mr. Pedia.

Oh, and I'm so with you about the Rose/Jack/Nine threesomes. Lots of squelchy, giggly fun and banana jokes.
I am not really ready for the Whofic, since most of it refers to canon that I still have no clue about, but soon I might be reading it and looking for examples of this. Because new Gilesfic is not being produced at a satisfactory rate. *pout*

Ah, Nine! (sigh) If you do find any good Nine fic, recs would be great!
I held onto this comment thinking I'd come up with some Nine recs after a hunting expedition, but so far I am Nine-less. :(