Also, I've decided to re-read Sandman

Buffy issue 6 finally arrived. Cover art great, inside art horrid. As usual. Decent Giles-ish-content. And Hob, I have no idea who the bearded man with woman are supposed to be on the intro panel for the second Cleveland Giles-Faith conversation. The Eyghon tattoo was introduced oddly, but Vaughan does point out the appropriate connections between Giles and Faith. I was sorry we didn't get to see the Henry Higgins - Eliza Dolittle stuff in progress. I suppose it's nice that this one is paced much more quickly than the thudding first four issues, but in this case I could have dealt with some lingering.

Main writing project at the moment is "An Antique Roman".
Fidget project has been Blackmail, but that might shift.
E.g., Reconnection3, as part of Project Finish A WIP Already Darn It. Am tres fond of Blackmail, but it's not going to be finished soon. Moved along, yes. Finished, eventually, but it'll take a while, with 70 parts planned.
Am also suffering extreme urges to work on T&P part 2.

Desperately want something new to read. Though this desperation is in part driving my writing, so... you might want to keep me starving.

Today's BPAL is Shadwell, named for the Good Omens character. (Proceeds from the sale of Good Omens scents go to charity. Orangutans and comic book legal defense.) Roll-ups, mildewed raincoat, sweet tea, and condensed milk. Liked by all who sniffed my wrists today.

Random link for today: JetPens: Japanese pens and pencils online store. Oh dear. Oh dearie dear. Though they don't carry Copic, and for the last several months I've been nuts about the Copic Multiliner SP. (UK link)

And in closing, I think the phrase "automat of death" ought to be used more often than it is. Thank you, and good night.
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Do you read fantasy with a leeetle bit of sci-fi?`
If so, you might try Melanie Rawn's 'Dragon Prince' trilogy: Dragon Prince (I), The Star Scroll (II), Sunrunner's Fire (III). She's actually been to English and grammar classes (and passed them with a high grade!). The first book is something like 600 pages long and I finished it in about 4 hours.
Re: Do you read fantasy with a leeetle bit of sci-fi?`
You know, I started that series and got part way through the first book and was enjoying it. And then I put it down somewhere and lost track of it. (This will not surprise you if you ever see our house, which is nearly as full of books as a house can be and also contain that many computers. Okay. I'm exaggerating. I've known fans with more books.)

I should finish it. Because it was in fact fun.
Re: Do you read fantasy with a leeetle bit of sci-fi?`
I sympathize completely with the books. I pulled one out the other day and saw my last thread of sanity crumpled behind it. Then my car yowled at me, I dropped the book, and crushed it.

You know, that explains so much about my life.

Anyway. If you can stand romance (not the bodice rippers, though), you might try Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series (I think the first one is 'One for the Money,' but don't quote me on that). They are, by and large, hysterical.
Am also suffering extreme urges to work on T&P part 2.

Self-indulgence can be a good thing. :)
Oh God yes the art inside was bad. Why oh why did they insist on putting Giles in that awful Yellow Submarine top? *shudders*

But there was half-naked Xander (with added Buffy) so that somewhat made up for it.
Loved half-naked Xander. Loved that he was smack-talking the punching bag, and then he hid behind it. Loved the Sunnydale Swim Team shirt-- HA!

But the Yellow Submarine sweater needed to go. It was inexplicable. Not even sombrero!Giles would wear that.
A rec to hold in reserve
Do you like Robertson Davies? Not sci-fi at all, but literate and snarky. I recommend the Deptford trilogy: Fifth Business, The Manticore, and World of Wonders.
Re: A rec to hold in reserve
Strangely, Mr P and I were discussing The Rebel Angels the other day. I have much of Robertson Davies on the shelf, but have not read him since I was in college. (That is now officially more than 20 years ago. Eep.) Hmm! Perhaps a re-read!