Giles/Ethan 2

Another Ethan story!

And! With adarog's just-posted Giles/Ethan story "Adonai", the Antique Roman ficathon is up to thirteen stories about Ethan Rayne (a lovely number).

We're missing only three to be complete (my pinch-hit, and stories from kindkit and zandra_x). Probably it's time to promote on the various ficathon announcement comms.
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I've just cliched myself
Okay, this is completely unrelated to your ficathon (which is lovely and I am now totally into teh Ethan love), but I know you were making your way through New Who. Have you gotten through the 3rd season yet (and if you, did 'Doomsday' break you?)? If so, you must read this fic. I actually laughed until I cried and my sides still hurt. If not, bookmark this and read immediately upon watching 'Last of the Time Lords.'

(and on another side note, how the hell does one do the link/cut thing? Having to copy and paste the link is bloody annoying.)

Warning: this is crack!fic at its finest, crowned with a pairing that Einstein himself couldn't have come up with.
Re: I've just cliched myself
We're still in the second season. Part of the problem is that my husband has been utterly snowed under by work (his company is about to ship their 1.0 product, which is always an insane and wonderful time) and he hasn't had time to watch with me. And the rules are that I can't watch without him. So! We're about to watch "Fear Her". In fact, I think we'll be watching it in about five minutes...
Re: I've just cliched myself
Ooh, good ep. Umm ... not to spoiler you or anything, but you might want to grab a box of Kleenex and something alcholic some time in the next hour.
Re: I've just cliched myself
Glass of wine, check. Now watching "Army of Ghosts". Hell of an opening monolog from Rose.
Re: I've just cliched myself
Yeah. I'll get back with you tomorrow.

(and I'm serious about the Kleenex thing)
Re: I've just cliched myself
Billie Piper is a better actress than I'd thought. She was just so desolate in that scene at the wall. And that weasel the Doctor managed to not to say "it", whatever "it" was intended to be.
Re: I've just cliched myself
Didn't you hear the scream that echoed 'round the world when he disappeared? Though, that said, this scene is in my top 3 'goodbye' scenes of all time.

Now, warning about 'The Runaway Bride': the emotional stuff made me tear up even as the bad guy/evil monster made me shriek with horror. I'd give a lot to know what the *hell* RTD was smoking and/or drinking when he approved the graphics part of that episode. Grr.
Re: I've just cliched myself
We loved "The Runaway Bride", and felt badly for him at the end. While being a little surprised he was seeking a new Companion already. However, Donna would make him a good Companion, the sort not to let him get away with anything.
Re: I've just cliched myself
Oh, I liked it, too. I just thought that the CGI for that ep was beyond bad. But the emotional impact tipped this episode over into the 'love to rewatch' category for me.

As for Donna...yeah, she would make life interesting. When do you start the 3rd season? It's airing on Sci-Fi right now, but it's on the last eps for the first time.
Re: I've just cliched myself
We could start watching at any time (cough). However, I decided to take a brief detour: we're midway through the very first Third Doctor serial. This is Jon Pertwee. He's very fun. Same vanity and strange obsessions.