Okay. This is a bit much. Eureka did "Band Candy" a couple of weeks ago; tonight somebody asked if GD was built "on top of a Hellmouth"; and next week's teaser seems to imply we're getting "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered".


I am beginning to be frustrated by the writing on this show, however. I love the characters, and I think they have a good ensemble cast that they could begin to tell interesting stories with. But so far they're not. Bad SF-ish cliches. Predictable guest characters (Mr P had the guilty and the innocent in this ep pegged before the titles). Too many subplots per ep, perhaps?
The Hellmouth bit was cute.

I think the most interesting story line has to do with Jack and Henry's friendship vis a vis Kim's death.

My view is that the writers/producers most likely had one take as to how the show would go and then they started moving in another direction and haven't quite figured out what overall tone and direction they want to have--whimsical but cliche filled stories with good characters, or a more hefty, emotion filled story arc with the characters. They straddle the line with both and though I think the whimsy can be kept, I am not sure if TPTB for Eureka know how "dark or serious" they want to get yet.
I'd love them to dig in deep and go dark: I agree with you that the overall arc is interesting! I want to see how the issues with Henry and Jack work out. (I hope we see what Jack decides to do next week!) I've been waiting for Beverly to reappear, and for all hell to break loose.
I am not master of manippage, but I have three immediate comments:
1. Great source image.
2. ASH's head is a large thing. Needs to be larger.
3. Masking on his head is also a bit wonky. More feathering is called for?
My husband's comment when the girls couldn't speak was "Are they ripping off Hush?". When the hellmouth comment came up, he laughed and said "well, that explains it!". We really like the show, but there have been shows that are very similar to X-Files and Buffy. I expect a vampire detective to show up at any minute, with the vampirism explained by some obsure scientific theory. They could have at least spaced out the Buffy inspired episodes. :)

Ah, if only they'd entirely overturned some convention of television story-telling, while playing on the same themes with their characters! That would have been worth the time! But then, "Hush" is one of the very best episodes of a fantastic series, and rising to that level is hard work.