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FIC LINK: Les Bijoux (Giles/Jenny, FRAO)

Okay. Posted. It's a Giles/Jenny prawnish thing (not particularly hydraulic) that I've been wanting to write for some time. I'm thinking of this as being Blackmail-verse. Cheerful first-time story.

Les Bijoux - Giles/Jenny, FRAO
Very, very mild kink with an improvised blindfold, a bit of sex.

Was extremely stuck yesterday after pitching the grim gritty Psalms-inspired Giles/Ethan story. I fell back on the BPAL I wore the other day, named for a tolerably famous Baudelaire poem. Which Giles ought to have quoted in French, but I suspect Jenny would not have followed him if he did. Therefore he would translate. Giles, blindfolded; Jenny, wearing nothing but her jewelry. But of course he can't see it. The blinded Watcher-- an opportunity not taken!
Tags: fic:giles/jenny, fiction, series:blackmail

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