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Crossover, please

I wish to call your attention to scans from the latest issue of the Buffy comic, which, as you must know by now, finally features Giles. Specifically, note this page. They were of course on that street because they popped upstairs to call upon Giles moments after the events depicted. And then... what happened? Tell me, please.

(I get my copies by subscription and I haven't gotten mine yet. Am on fire, of course.)
I get mine tomorrow. Comic store saves two different covers special for me. Probably because I drop tons of dough there when I go. I'll bet Dr. Who's just teaser and you'll never see them again.
That's kinda my expectation-- it's a jokey reference, never to be picked up again. Fanfiction to the rescue!

It happens every once in a while. Back in 1980, in one of the "Days of Future Past" X-Men stories Chris Claremont wrote and John Byrne drew, a clearly recognizable Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen were shown attending a Senate hearing, and after the fight began, Rick Redfern and Joanie Caucus were witnesses to the heroes-and-villains bursting through the wall of the hearing room to the sidewalk outside the Capitol.
Oh fabulous! Love those two characters (Rick and Joanie, that is). I also loved it when the 10th Doctor just casually mentioned that Arthur Dent was a very nice man. Am a total fan sucker for pandering crossovers like that :)

Then you would have loved the late Dave Cockrum's scenes of a Vulcan Green Lantern saluting Hal Jordan as they left Oa after a gathering ordered by the Guardians, or Brainiac 5 carrying a Klingon disruptor pistol...!
Huh. Not bad artwork for a comic--or are they graphic novels? I can never get the terminology down right. Except, of course, that Xander never looked that cut in his entire life.
Heh. I like the buff Xander look. (I like Xander in general. He can be cute and flirt with Slayers!) This is a "comic". When it's bound into a single volume it might become a "graphic novel".
So would the reported cover of the second one in the series. I've got it saved somewhere on my computer if you want it.
when you get your copy, what do you make of a parallel panel a few pages prior that that one? Similar content-- a man and woman on the street passing by, and a text bubble coming from a window overhead.