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reading for Sunday's story

Ha. Ha. I just did a quick four-card reading for the G/E story due this Sunday, and got :

Position Card Meaning
Have: 8 of Wands Swift movement, haste. Motion & change.
Want: The Emperor The patriarch, the essence of fatherhood. Command and domination. Responsibility.
Need: The Star Spiritual insight, hope, healing, water to quench thirst.
Get: 9 of Swords Nightmares. Oppression, fear, stress. But is it all in your head?

Four card have/want/need/get reading for the character of Giles in "Broken Vessel" (working title).

Oh dear oh dear. What he gets is indeed what he gets in the story. (Kinky but dark, that's this story. A relationship inflection point.) What he wants also has a somewhat obvious interpretation. I'll need to ponder how to understand the first card in the story context; I haven't given enough thought to Giles's starting point as a character. Possibly why I'm stuck on it.

Need: connected to the specific prompt? "Blindfolds, revelations".
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I like how focused it is. Concentrates on a single character or relationship. And yes, poor Rupert. It's how this story needs to go, though.