Okay, I need to retrench. Also, make a plan that is something I can do while keeping all this fun instead of work.

  1. No more ficathons. At all. I will write for the 3 I've signed up for, but there will be no more.
  2. Next story to reach completion: Giles/Ethan for rounds_of_kink on Sept 9.
  3. Then Giles/Ethan for shitsu_tonka. Ethan has a thing or two to say to Angel. And do.
  4. Then I finish one series in progress. Come hell or high water, one of them gets written all the way to completion. If necessary, I pick an easy one like "Sigerson Crypt".
  5. Covered with virtue, I repeat the triumph with another WIP.
  6. gilesxander Octoberfest stories due Oct 16.
  7. forty_or_better for Nov 4.
  8. Buffy is the Hero, Dammit for Nov 11. Note bad planning.
  9. No additional fandom obligations of any kind. The calendar is swept clear for all the writing projects in that scary list.
  10. giles_fic_recs needs some love: I need more regular posters. Tuesdays, for instance.

I suspect that what I really need is a real-life vacation. I haven't had one, not really, since I went to London last spring. Will have to wait until Mr P can escape from his job. Hrm.

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Sorry, my bad, I haven't been posting since my surgery. I just haven't been reading enough to come up with recs, I've been sucked into the HP fandom.
I like Snape/Harry a lot. When I was reading HP fanfic about 5 years ago, I read a lot of S/Harry and S/Hermione.
It's odd, I wasn't a huge fan of Snape in the books, but then I'm not a huge fan of the books. Er, I like the universe but not the actual writing. Anyway, fandom really won me over to Snape, probably because I'm such a snark whore.
Looks like you have some good and wise ideas. I applaud you for them all. We can finish or WIPs together (I now have this Buffyverse one and 2 Harry Potter fics in the works.)

If Mr. P can't get off work soon enough, you should do a fandom road trip and meet interesting people in the flesh. My door is always open. Sometimes literally-- the sweet child has some difficulty with lights, doors, you know.

I wish I could offer fic recs, but I would have to be doing a LOT more reading than I have been lately. Let me get my WIPs cleared and see where I am then.

I was going to be spending this month on the road on my bike. I ought to have done it. I'd be feeling better right now to be in the middle of nowhere going 100mph crouched over the tank. Oh well.

No new obligations; knock off existing obligations one at a time. That's the ticket for reducing my guilt and my stress thereon.

You're also signed up for the gilesxander OctoberFest on October 16. Just in case you forgot. :)

I'm sorry for giles_fic_recs; since Mir left, I'm having a hard time remembering when it's my turn to rec... And that said, it's Wednesday today. *facepalm* I'll wipe up something quick.
You're right! But in that case, it coincides with one of my WIPs! Two great things in one! I have two "Cloud Animals" stories to finish for Oct 16.
This is a good idea - I think I might try it for myself and see if I can work in Buffy is the Hero, Dammit (since it has a really early deadline).
What the flippin' fuck is OSC's Ender's Shadow doing on that list in the first place, never mind that high on it? Holy mother of raping my childhood by entirely destroying the heart of "Ender's Game" with ret-conning...

The rest of the list is pretty good, though. You could definitely use that as somebody's "read lots of great SF novels" list. You'd have to fill out with short stories, though. I have a few anthologies in mind...
And their list of short stories is readable as well. Except for the terrible lack of Jack Vance.

Sigh. Sigh. Things like this remind me of plans for our kids. All the dreams that never got to happen. We worked out the right way to teach people how to program computers as well. And on that melancholic note I stomp off for my second morning mug of coffee.
I wondered about Ender's Shadow too. Actually, I wondered about books like Brave New World--not that it isn't a landmark story, but how many people really like it as opposed to simply having been forced to read it in school? I bought my copy used and it smelled slightly sour and has always affected how I felt about that story. I agree that there are some wonderful short stories that get bypassed on these lists. I've read most of these books and liked some a whole lot better than others. I don't like Zelazny at all and I thought Tim Power's Anubis Gate was awful.
Mr P: "My, you were sort of over the top about OSC."
Me: "Grrrmphle."

I liked Brave New World when I read it in high school, but have not felt moved to read it since. I should explore Huxley's other stuff. Some day.
Um . . . so I think this is me volunteering to be a reccer? Tuesdays are fine, though I won't really be able to start until after I'm more settled than I am right now.

I am looking forward to reading the fruits of your list.
Ooh, a bunch of Giles/Willow recs to come, I hope?

Coolios! Settle in, join the comm, whenever you're ready. I'll give you posting access.