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Okay, I need to retrench. Also, make a plan that is something I can do while keeping all this fun instead of work.

  1. No more ficathons. At all. I will write for the 3 I've signed up for, but there will be no more.
  2. Next story to reach completion: Giles/Ethan for rounds_of_kink on Sept 9.
  3. Then Giles/Ethan for shitsu_tonka. Ethan has a thing or two to say to Angel. And do.
  4. Then I finish one series in progress. Come hell or high water, one of them gets written all the way to completion. If necessary, I pick an easy one like "Sigerson Crypt".
  5. Covered with virtue, I repeat the triumph with another WIP.
  6. gilesxander Octoberfest stories due Oct 16.
  7. forty_or_better for Nov 4.
  8. Buffy is the Hero, Dammit for Nov 11. Note bad planning.
  9. No additional fandom obligations of any kind. The calendar is swept clear for all the writing projects in that scary list.
  10. giles_fic_recs needs some love: I need more regular posters. Tuesdays, for instance.

I suspect that what I really need is a real-life vacation. I haven't had one, not really, since I went to London last spring. Will have to wait until Mr P can escape from his job. Hrm.

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