11 stories about Ethan Rayne

Hey! If you haven't checked the Antique Roman master list in a while, you might be pleased to hear that we're up to 11 12 stories posted now. And with the two fantabulous pinch-hitters (plus the story that's eating my brain at the moment), we'll be at 14 stories before you know it.

Check 'em out!
I keep a colors-n-bgimages zapper bookmarklet on my browser bar. When I find myself wanting to use it on my own background images out of boredom or whatever, time to change them.

I like him in that leather jacket. Season 5 Giles is one of my favorite incarnations. (Am total sucker for season 1 Giles, with checked shirts and striped ties, and unbutton cuffs. And that scarf of terror.)
I haven't written a damned thing all weekend, but unlike most people, I get a lot of writing done at work, so I hope to make more progress on the pinch-hit in the next couple of days. I pretty much know what I'm doing with it, except of course for the part where they'll surprise me.