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Oh noes! Thursday grabbag

Have bid on a couple of stories for fire_fic; might well bid on more because I have not yet exhausted the funds I allocated. Have been contemplating offering my services for bidding, but I suspect I have more money than time at the moment. (Lucky me.) Also, no need for further plot bunnies.

Work is sort of insanely cool and maddening at once.

I have kicked off a new project of A Different BPAL Every Day, since I had fallen into a major rut. My BPAL app now can present me with a random unreviewed scent from my vast imp collection. Today's scent is Maiden.

My current exercise book is Bujold's second Sharing Knife.

The Not-Kitten is recovering well. Her jaw is de-furred and scabby on the right side, and her head shows signs of fur loss as well. But she's eating normally again; her tongue must now be less painful. This morning she ran around the house madly chasing her Honorary Uncle, and later she eviscerated Mr P's hand. (We have explained that hands have no viscera, to no effect.) She's exactly one year old!

This week's Eureka was "Band Candy". Only not as funny.

Random link for the day: Paul Graham is mostly a dip who mistakes his dot-com-bubble-era windfall for evidence that he has a clue, but this essay on how programmers work is more or less right. Note the annoying Lisp plug in point 3.

ETA: This awesome haiku meme stolen from spikendru:

Haiku2 for antennapedia
would read giles into
that story but they have a
funny name for it
Created by Grahame

I still need a writer for an excellent Giles/Ethan prompt. Don't make me write this! ETA: Oh hell, I'll write it.
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So far, very much. I think she is making things appropriately hard on the new couple. (I started last night, so I'm only about five chapters in.) I'm enjoying the view into the Lakewalker culture as well. Her worldbuilding is always so cool.
If a fluttering bed-sheet can have a Cat Threatening Aspect - complete with Invisible Tentacles Brave Cats Struggle Bravely Against - then hands can have viscera. I'm just sayin'.
I'm pretty sure Mina and Uncle Bishie agree with you. (NB: Both cats named by my husband. Really.)
Actually Viaweb was hardly a bubble windfall. It made a lot of money. Within a year or two it was generating Yahoo the purchase price every two years.
Re: windfall
I dunno if that makes Graham the uber-startup-genius he thinks he is. I should probably look to see if any of the startups he's funded recently have done anything good.
My husband is the person assigned to hit me with a pig's bladder to remind me that I'm mortal at moments like this.