Giles/Ethan friends

2 G/E pinch-writers needed

Looks like I'll need pinch-hitters for two stories for the ficathon, to make sure everybody gets a story. I haven't heard from one person at all, and the other person mentioned computer problems. Both requests are Giles + Ethan (one as pairing, one interpretable that way). Minimum length is 750 words. Would anybody like to take a shot?

Many thanks to hobgoblinn for taking one. One still available!

Request 1: taken!
Characters or pairings you want with Ethan:
Uh, I can't imagine Ethanfic without Giles, so let's take him as read. Willow as character, not pairing. Although...
A brief prompt OR three things you want:
a spell, a rescue, a reunion
Two things you don't want:
character death, bloodplay or kink of that nature
Maximum rating you'd prefer: FRM, please.

Request 2
Characters or pairings you want with Ethan:
Giles as pairing. Angel to talk to, shout at, fight - whatever.
A brief prompt OR three things you want:
Sunnydale, breaking glass, the beach.
Two things you don't want:
Fluff or songfic
Maximum rating you'd prefer: Any
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You know, the place at which my nano novel broke down last fall has everything from prompt 1, including the 3 things wanted. What kind of time frame are you looking for here? I could write a free standing version of that scene and see what else it kicks loose?

Let me know. And just in case I haven't said so lately, you Rock for doing this stuff, woman.

Question: why "Antique Roman" for the ficathon name? I understand the Hamlet allusion, but I was more wondering what you had to say about it, or if you've already said it in a long past post I missed.


who is procrastinating again, of course.....
It's a reference to something Ethan says to Buffy in the Whedon-penned season 8 comics. He speaks Horatio's line. I won't say more because it would be spoilerrific. (By the way, you're writing for penwiper26.)
I've read the S8 comics-- I'll have to go back and look at that. My Ethan and what happened to him in the comics have nothing much to say to one another.

And yeah I looked at the original assignments, then wished I hadn't. No pressure or anything-- jeez!

Looks like I better get to work....
So no one feels like having a crack at my prompt, then? No worries. You did all the heavy lifting for the ficathon if no one wants to write a Sniggs prompted fic, you certainly don't have to. It's hard enough trying to find the time to write the fics you want, let alone ones that get imposed upon you. Maybe one day I'll fool around with the idea myself but until then we could just let it go.
No way! Not on my watch! You wrote a story; you get a story. That's the duty of the ficathon organizer.

And. Plus. Besides. I have a little scene in mind. Of a somewhat annoyed Ethan and Angel...

Thank you! Consider me chuffed and a little trembly with anticipation. I always felt that Angel and Ethan really need to talk...or something.
Hi, I'm the truant participant who was originally supposed to be writing for penwiper26. I am so so so sorry about going AWOL. I kept putting off emailing you because I was positive it would be done at any moment.

Now it is, here. I guess penwiper26gets two.

Again, I'm very sorry for being irresponsible. Thank you for organizing the ficathon.
Woot! Thanks for posting, thanks for participating, and no worries. You're on the list now, and I'm off to read...