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I was reading a little bit on the plane home, and decided to re-read "Emergence". It has sat long enough that I can give it a fresh look. I was surprised to like it better than I had when I set it aside. I hemmed it a bit here, let it out a bit there, and now think I might emit a final draft this evening.

Then I can forget about it and look at the other million things I have in progress. The Holmes thing feels most urgent, but the novel-length bond story is doing its own pleading. The problematic part 4 is approaching a first complete draft. After I got sick of trying to type on the Macbook on the plane with the guy in front of me fully reclined, I pulled out an actual paper notebook and scribbled six pages of backstory notes in teeny tiny spiky handwriting. My handwriting scares me. I should scan it so I can scare you with it too. There's no way I can read that stuff. Anyway, I cleared up some backstory issues that had been dangling lazily unresolved. So the really-needs-a-name-now novel-length bond story (hereinafter referred to as N-LBS, or "nilbs") is sitting there with a lot of volts just ready to power some writing.

spiky handwriting

Scary spiky handwriting! It was more legible than I thought, so I clipped a bunch:

I kinda like this new icon, freshly made by katekat1010 for summer_of_giles; see her full post for the amazing assortment of Giles-pairing icons she made. Something about this icon reminds me of the N-LBS. It would either be something like that, or an image of Giles with a sword.
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