Ethan Rayne ficathon stories due Sunday

I'll send some email tonight as well, I think, but here's a posted reminder. An Antique Roman reaches the happy posting day on Sunday. I'll post the master list thingie on Sunday at 12:01am PDT and hope for stories to be posted by midnight Pacific time.

I already know that one story might be late because of (eek!) flooding and evacuation, which is a reminder that there are more important things in the world. Have talked to other people and have reached the conclusion that I am the furthest behind and most likely to be late for no good reason at all. Heh. Oof.

Also worth your attention on this fine Friday night: fire_fic, a fanworks auction for a worthy charitable cause.
What is the antique roman/great dane stuff all about? (I know it's not great dane, I'm kidding.)
It's a reference to something Ethan says to Buffy in the comic series. He quotes Horatio's line to her. I am reluctant to say more lest I spoil somebody who doesn't want to be spoiled.
Serves me right for just collecting and not reading. First thing tomorrow, I too will be in the know.
My fic will be late. The zillionth draft finally died on the operating table.
But I'm working on the requestees second choice now and that feels like smoother sailing. I will try to finish it tonight, once the family has been fed and put to bed. :-)
Gotcha! Thanks for letting me know. and sorry that the shock paddles didn't revive the patient. I know what that feels like.