Head now at a dull roar

2 extra-strength whatsits, one long nap, one even longer hot bath with my own remedial reading, and I feel better. The headache is still present, just much dulled. Man. This rarely happens to me. I'm not set up for it.

Have had visit from the Not Kitten, who meowed at me and strong-armed me into giving her cream. She and her uncle The Cat ran around madly chasing each other for a while this morning. There's a trilling thing they do only when communicating with each other. Trill trill, thunder down the hallway, slam into the wall, trill trill, thunder back, leap to the top of the cat tree in a single bound.

My remedial reading is Good Omens, which I am finally reading. It's like Sense and Sensibility. For years and years, I held off reading it, because when I did I would have read all the Austen there would ever be. So I didn't, even while I wore out my copies of P&P and Northanger Abbey and even stooped as low as to re-read Mansfield Park. Finally I broke down, because I didn't want to see the Emma Thompson adaptation without having read the book first. I'm finally reading Good Omens, a pleasure similarly deferred from a wish to keep it in reserve. I wanted comfort reading and something new, and it is totally working.
I wanted comfort reading and something new, and it is totally working.

I'm doing that with the entire Harry Potter series...
Ooh! And that's some majorly large comfort reading. The strange thing is that it is comfort reading, despite the darkness of the overall setting.
Oh, yeah. Comfort reading for me is pretty much any long, well-written sci-fi, fantasy setting that I can become completely engrossed in for hours and hours.
I have a lovely wonderful scene-setting concrete introduction, fizzing with possibility. 1300 words. Oh dear god. I've got to run a marathon in half an hour...

Cats are very helpful with spilled dairy products. Dogs I will recommend for all your other edibles and semi-edibles. Dogs eat first, ask questions later.
If you are a yogurt fan, have you tried Greek yogurt? It's like a million times better than that grocery store stuff. I buy mine at Sprouts Farmer's Market and it's yummy. (Dog likes it too.)
Hmm much sympathy for the head thing. If I was able, I would slip you some migraine meds, I have 2 kinds! If it's not a migraine they do dick all, so it's kinda how I tell if I have a migraine or not. You kids out there, do not try this at home!
Migraines are weird. Weird brain functional side-slip. My husband gets them. Half his field of vision turns blue. That's it. No pain, no nothing else, just... half his vision is gone for a short time.
I get what my doctor called ocular migraines. They can come with or without the headache, but I see strange paisley shapes and jagged streaks of lightening in my left eye. (It's always the left eye for me.) First time that happened to me I thought I was going blind. The only thing you can do is lay down in a dark room and pray that you'll be able to drive again in three days.
Hope you start feeling better.

I'm sorry to hear about your headache. Terrible. I'm impressed you can still read. I've never been able to. You are making me want to dig out the Austen. I've only read four of her stories. And half of one fairly dense biography on her. Right now all of my books are scattered due to house painting and lack of shelves. I've gotta get to my books.
Reading the bath: best thing ever. If I could watch a movie in the bath, I would have. I wonder if I could just stick my Macbook into a large enough ziplock plastic baggie. Huh!
Yay! I love Good Omens. Alas, the authors have said there won't be a sequel. Some of their interviews (well after the writing) are amusing; they talk about how flummoxed they were with how their little unassuming book became a cult classic.
I'd love to read another collaboration from them, even if not in this universe. Their sensibilities meshed well. But then, I'll read anything Terry Pratchett writes.
Good Omens is one of the funniest books I've ever read. I'm glad you are enjoying it. Pratchett and Gaiman ought to collaborate more often.
Agreed! I'm enjoying every second of it.

(And dear lord, I see one of my real-life coworkers commenting on your posts. Sssh!)