Ow. Ow. Ow.

Argh. Two headaches in three days. This one so bad I'm afraid to drink my morning coffee lest it meet an undignified fate shortly thereafter. At least my syntax has not deserted me.

I'm off to lie in a darkened room and see if I can focus on anything. I need to beta-read. I need to decide if I'm going to host I need a Parrot for the peeps who need a new host. Oh, fuckit. I'll offer. I have three Linux boxes sitting in a half-rack eating their heads off.

ETA: Finally better. Going to nap more, though.
Right now you need to lie in that darkened room and think nice thoughts of niceness. Of tranquil shady green glens, maybe.

Sending you soothing, gentle hugs.

Wood a coolish bath help? Better than a shower, because you'd be lying down.

It could also be because of the changing seasons (a bit early this year), with different things growing outside.

Also, have you tried the gelpacks (eyemasks) that you put in the fridge and then put over your eyes/face? They're designed for headache/sinus relief.

Hope you feel better soon.
You know, a gelpack like that would probably have been a huge help. I think it was probably more migraine than sinus. (Hubby taught me a trick: if pressure on your forehead eases the pain, it's most likely sinus.)

My secret hypochondriacal fear is that it's menopause arriving early. Eek.
Well, if it IS menopause arriving early, then you can prepare yourself. Start eating yams and other things high in phytoestrogens. Read up on it and follow the sensible advice.

OTOH, I find the gelpacks are designed for both headaches AND sinus. Or was it WARM for one and COLD for the other one? I think that's the trick. So, it you try warm ....

Still sympathetic hugs,
Sleeeeeep! Glorious sleep! How many ills it cures! I wish I'd had more of it this morning. (Curses 8am meeting, stumps off to drink more horrible work coffee.)