Arthur Dent WTF

Rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty

1. Saw Stardust last night with Mr P. Enjoyed it greatly. Peter O'Toole was delightful in his short role. De Niro's role was... too camp? I dunno. I enjoyed his performance but feel guilty. Many other things to say.

2. Developed blinding headache on the drive home. Attempted to watch Eureka, but instead fled into darkened bedroom to whimper and wait for either death or sleep to claim me. Whichever came first.

3. You people! You do not recognize Raymond Chandler. This means I need to assign you remedial reading. Fortunately this remedial reading is of the excellent variety.

4. The Doctor mentioned once that Arthur Dent was a very nice man. Please to be pointing me to the fic describing their meeting. I pine. (Also, please let it be gen, because I think my skull might implode otherwise. I am, at the moment, going with Doctor/Tardis OTP, all others get a strange look.)

5. Am writing. Finally. Will say no more at the moment.

6. Your random link for the day: Note to the dogs.
I'm so glad sleep came instead of death! [offers headache meds against possible recurrence]
Cake or death? Cake, please!

[shares with you the pot of jasmine tea Mr P made to soothe my nerves]
What's with the Raymond Chandler? I read all of those books twenty+ years ago. I actually just gave them to the poor, who are now probably as I write, enjoying Philip Marlowe tales.
When thinking about what might make an LA night hot, I thought of the Santa Ana winds, and that led me to Chandler's descriptions of them. The "anything can happen" line, plus nerves jumping + skin itching. Anything can happen. You might even get a full glass of beer in a cocktail bar.

Short story.
I read Red Harvest for the first time fairly recently. (Some time in the last five years, at least.) Wow. Great stuff.
I will cheerfully read this story when it reaches completion! And hope that I accumulate enough Who canon knowledge to assay writing a version. 'Cause, you know... that crossover begs to exist. (It must exist? Surely? Given DNA's Whovian pedigree?)
hey now! not only do i recognize raymond chandler, I adore him! and probably have any books you care to assign (although perhaps they merit rereading right now? *tempting*)

sorry about the headache lady - hopefully Eureka will be showing at a later date and your headache has gone down? We in the katekat household are quite liking it's cute campyness (having only started watching it this season)
<3 Raymond Chandler. And have you read the other great hardboiled detective writer, Dashiell Hammett? One of the eerie things about reading The Maltese Falcon is realizing how much film dialog was simply lifted from the novel, intact. It just works. Which is strange and unusual and cool!

Mr P & I are mostly really enjoying Eureka. Lots of good-natured fun, plus the slow-moving conspiracy story thing. It's on the Tivo, so I can watch any time, now that my head is no longer trying to explode.
absolutely! although i haven't actually seen the film version for years and years and years. Love them both, and also Patricia Highsmith (slightly later writer, slighlty different kind of genre, but yummy nonetheless).

yay for Tivos and heads that are better! :D and yep, that's very much why my boy & i like it too - it's got all kinds of lighthearted goodness
De Niro was camp, over the top, and he looked like he was having a lot of fun. I think that's why I liked his performance and O'Toole's too. They were having fun with their roles.

And I don't think that Captain Shakespeare would have worked with another actor who didn't have a "tough guy" and "serious" image like De Niro has.

Hammett and Chandler
I read both of these many times about thirty years ago. Loved them. Have you ever read the Constance and Gweneth Little books? I recommend the Black-Headed Pins. They are pretty dated now, but still good mysteries and they have a female protagonist. If you want a good mystery with some horror, read Grey Shapes by Jack Mann if you can find it anyplace. Werewolves in Scotland. What more do you need? I also recommend John Dickson Carr/Carter Dixon for locked room mysteries and have recently been rereading Charlotte Macleod's Peter Shandy mysteries. Love them.

Sorry to hear you had a bad headache. As a long-time sufferer, you have my heartfelt sympathy.