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This week I'm afraid there will either be radio silence as my Ethan ficathon story consumes me, or epic fic wittering. It's finally caught fire in my head. I will cut all the boring stuff, no worries.

I had a tentative setting and plot last week when I started taking nottes. I fell asleep last night dreaming about it, and now I'm sure. While all that stuff is going on at the Hyperion, some other stuff is going on nearby in LA. Man, it's strange how that worked. I set those snippets at the Hyperion in the first place because I was already thinking about an LA setting for Ethan's little exercise in mumble. Oh, pattern-detecting human brain! How you create patterns!

I've done a bunch of readings about myth I might do something with or not. I don't generally find Norse myth sympatico, for some reason, but there's one I'm kinda liking for Ethan. Perhaps not for this story, however. Janus will do nicely. Janus as the Romans thought of him. Not for the first time, I find myself amused by the mythological ignorance of the Buffy writers. Didn't they have a copy of Bullfinch handy?

Ah. Ethan. Let's go.

One more G/B prompt response, later today. This one is bodhibird's Talkin' About Ethan Rayne prompt. (This is incomprehensible probably, but I keep hearing that in Tommy Lasorda's voice: "What's my opinion of Rayne's performance? What the BLEEP do you think is my opinion of it? I think it was--"
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