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FICLET: Helios Hyperion 1 (Sweet) (Giles/Buffy, FRT)

Title: Helios Hyperion 1 (Plotless Challenge response; sweet)
Author: Antennapedia
Rating: FRT
Word count: 760
Prompt: fuzzyboo03, Buffy, Giles, post-Chosen. Comfort and a couch.

Buffy's room was on the top floor of the Hyperion. She'd picked a north-facing window, so she could look out to where Sunnydale used to be. Not that she could see anything: the haze brought the horizon in close. The blue-white sky was infinitely far away. She leaned on the windowsill looking out, thinking, waiting for the knock at her door. There it was.

Giles, responding to her summons.

"It's open," she said.

She turned and leaned back against the window. Giles came in and shut the door behind himself. He shoved his hands deep into his jacket pockets. He wasn't smiling. He looked wary, in fact.

"Buffy, what--"

She pointed to the dusty couch. "Sit. We need to talk."

Giles looked as if he were going to speak, but didn't. He took off his leather jacket and folded it. He draped it over the back of the couch, then sat. He sneezed. The inevitable handkerchief came out of his jeans pocket. Buffy went over to him, and climbed onto him. She sat astride his lap, facing him, hands resting on his shoulders. Alarm flashed across his face, and he said again, "Buffy, what--"

Again she interrupted him, with a finger against his lips.

"When did we do this last?"

Giles shook his head. "Two years. More. You--"

He shook his head again and fell silent. Buffy knew what he meant. It had only happened a handful of times, but he'd never initiated it. Never would. She hadn't let herself get anywhere near it since her resurrection. The last time it had happened had been the last time they'd talked seriously, and then... two years of disconnection, so complete that he'd feared her when she'd climbed onto his lap.

She slipped his glasses off, gently, and set them aside. Giles blinked. He looked vulnerable without them. Buffy stroked his temples. The worried look slowly faded. He sighed, and his shoulders relaxed at last.

Buffy kissed his forehead. "Missed this."

Softly, "As did I."

"Tough year."


"I screwed up. A lot."

"No more than I did. But you came through in the end. As always."

Giles smiled up at her, and Buffy's heart turned over. That was the the smile she'd been missing all this time. She leaned forward and kissed the end of his nose. He shifted and slipped his arms around her. Buffy rested her chin on his shoulder and let him hold her close. She breathed in Giles-scent, that old-fashioned clean smell of bay leaves and lime. The hand caressing her face smelled faintly of india ink. Tea and whisky, leather and wool. He was warm underneath her. The hand bracing her back was solid.

Buffy nuzzled his ear.

"I'm sorry," she said.

"What on earth for?"

"For all the people who died. When the First blew up the Council." Giles tensed again beneath her, but said nothing. "How many friends did you lose?"

Giles sighed, and tightened his arms around her. "I never counted. An uncle, my oldest nephew, several cousins, more schoolmates than I care to think."

"You never said anything."

"There was no point. It would have distracted you from what you needed to do."

Buffy gripped his sweater and shook him, gently. "No. Wrong. There was a point. You were grieving. I should have been your friend instead of the Slayer machine. We turned into these, I don't know, robots. Marching around making self-righteous speeches. Not talking to each other. Scheming against each other. How the hell did I not hug you for all that time? What was *wrong* with me?"

Giles shook his head again. "The First. Working on us. All along. Driving us apart."

"Giles. No more apartness."

Buffy pressed herself against his chest for a second, then bent her face down to kiss him. He returned the kiss gently, chastely. Buffy stroked the back of his head.

"Dear Buffy. I do love you so. You know that, don't you?"

"I know. Silly guy. Known all along. But I didn't know you had an uncle. And now you're going to tell me all about him. What his name was. What he was like. And about your nephew. And if you need to cry, you're going to cry."

Giles drew in a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Later she'd take him over to the bed, and undress him, and know him again for the first time in two years, for the first time since before her leap. For now, she leaned against his chest and felt more than heard him speak.
Damn! You really do have a problem with plotnessless! Sweet, however, you got way down.
I think everybody will cut you some slack on that.
There was originally more plot. I had to be ruthless to get it even that far down. I think it doesn't actually meet the challenge requirements. Sigh!
*sniff* Lovely. I love the way you turned the flaws of S7 inside out. This is Buffy how I like her best.
I just can't believe they didn't touch Giles all that time. How can people do that? How can these people, who've been close to each other for so long, do that? Did he never even eat in their presence? WHAT? Sigh. Season 7.
Yeah, I agree that the "no touching" thing made no sense. I mean, Buffy did go to hug him when he first showed up and then they got interrupted, but they didn't hug at all after that?

On the other hand, maybe they did. She wasn't there when they were all freaking out, if I recall correctly (off with Spike, she must have been). If she had been, perhaps she could have said, "Hey turkeys, I hugged him like three days ago, chill out."
(hugs and snuggles this fic close)

I so needed something like this today.

Thank you, my friend.
I have a little post-Chosen vision involving everybody staying at the Hyperion for a while and talking Angel out of having anything to do with Wolfram & Hart. It's my personal alternative canon of schmoop.
Nice! Will there be a Plotless Challenge response 2? Sorry. You know what a greedy motha I can be. :)
Yeah, I got the whole pile in progress. Am beta-reading atm, though. Later tonight. Am trying not to over-think them.
"The First. Working on us. All along. Driving us apart."
You know THIS is the best excuse for the mess canon landed them in.

Lovely, mostly plotless (do you hear echoes of HHG to the Galaxy?) ficlet. I vote for more comfort B/G fics.

gileswench has also had this theory, and committed fic exploring what happens when Giles and Buffy decide to break through. And! More comfort B/G ficlet now committed!
Magnificent - a lovely way to start my Sunday. This is the G/B that really rocks me and you write them so perfectly. It "fixes" the pain and weirdness that was Season 7. And that Giles is mostly afraid as the start, wary of all things Buffy but still and always there for her - love that. Greedily - more please.
More supplied, as you saw :) And more coming after that second one. Third snippet is a bit ragged, too ragged to fix & post at 1am on a Monday morning. But soon!
Came to this one from the other one. You really do have the most skilled mastery of pacing and detail of character. Everything feels just right, as it would be.
Hi honey, I'm one of the mods over at feedmykink. *waves*

I just popped over to read your entry for the "Hot or Sweet" challenge, and I saw that it was Part 3. Were the other parts meant to be posted there as well? You are certainly allowed to post as many single scene Hot/Sweet fics as you'd like while the challenge is ongoing - so it's certainly okay if you want to post up the other 2. Or you could put a link to Parts 1 and 2 in the original post by modifying it if you'd like.

Now that I've said all the modly stuff, I'd like to tell you just how much I enjoyed this. I write primarily slash, but Giles has always been one of my favorite characters. I just gave writing him with Spike a go myself, and I've written him with Ethan once before. I've also read very good pieces where he was paired with Spike, Ethan, Xander and even Willow. So I don't avoid het entirely - just don't really write it much.

I'm also one of those unfortunate people in our fandom who's not much of a Buffy fan. But let me tell you if this Buffy would have been on the show, I do believe I would have enjoyed her character much more. I loved the way they were admitting the things that hadn't gone the way they should have between them - the regrets they felt for missed opportunities. This was an excellent piece and I plan to read the other parts as well.
I'll modify my existing post to link to these two. I was seriously afraid they'd have too much plot in them :)

I write a mix of het and slash-- Giles/Buffy and Giles/Xander are probably the pairings I've written most, with a nice dose of Giles/Ethan and even Giles/Xander/Oz (!). I love writing a Buffy who isn't broken and doesn't suck. The Buffy of the early seasons, plus some of the maturity of the later seasons. What she might be, if she was given a break from all the death and stress. Poor kid.