A public service announcement

Adblocking software is your friend. Your ticket to Internet surfing joy.

Pith Helmet: extended prefs and ad blocking. Beta support for Safari 3. $10
Saft: extended prefs and ad blocking. Beta support for Safari 3. $12.

Ad blocking and Flash animation blocking are built in. <3 Camino. Free.

Adblock & Flashblock: Flashblock gets everything that Adblock doesn't. Free.

Er, I have no idea what people still using IE do to block ads. Sling me a link and I will edit.

My personal corollary to this practice: I pay for services I use often. My LJ account is paid. I pay for Salon. I pay for Pandora. And so on. But I do so love never having to see this image. For instance.
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Oooh, I adore adblock, but I hadn't heard of Flashblock. Sounds good!
What I find works even better for Firefox is Adblock Plus with Adblock Filterset.G Updater.

Love the Flashblock.
I use NoScript with Firefox, with stops a hell of a lot of ads from popping up. I'll go take a look at the two you mention. NoScript sometimes interferes with Java, although recent updates seem to have improved that greatly. It's got on/off switches for web pages -- effectively "do you want to let this one run stuff?"
Adblock (or Adblock Plus as ubiquirk recommends) is pretty darn solid at blocking content. The Flashblock thing works like the Javascript blocker: it displays a play button instead of the animation, so you can still play it if it's content you want instead of an ad. Like Youtube videos. One thing about it that surprised me was how much content is implemented with Flash these days.
Hmmm. The Adblock Plus guy is now saying to choose a different filter. But still, the idea is to use one instead of having to right click and block everything yourself.