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Coming attractions

A brief project survey:

  1. Angsty short G/B thing started last night, working title "Flammable".
  2. Ethan ficathon story, pairing under wraps. Not nearly as advanced as it should be, given the deadline.
  3. Giles/Ethan pre-series 31st Psalm story, "Blackmail"-verse.
  4. Reconnection part 3, making good progress.
  5. Giles/Buffy weirdly-intellectual deeply-emotional late-S3 clichefest fic.
  6. Giles/Buffy post-Chosen motel smut, with Jack Daniels and giggling.
  7. Giles-Buffy timetravel fic, set post-"Becoming". Has a spiffing opening, then hits a wall that the outline did not help.
  8. "Readings", the arrival of the man himself.
  9. Tradition & Protocol part 2. This needs me to become obsessed for a month, with no other projects to distract me.
  10. Unbearably schmoopy Giles/Xander "Cloud Animals"-verse story. Probably for G/X Octoberfest.
  11. "Thusia"-verse stories, "Metastasis" (Giles packs to move to the US) and the Cruciamentum story (Theseus returns to Athen; stuff happens).
    Moving into vaguer territory...
  12. "Dragon's Hide". Vague outline & notes, along with lots of stuff in my head.
  13. Blackmail part 3, "Liegeman". The introduction of Maggie Walsh.
  14. The Christian Watcher/Slayer bond story, "Breaking Glass" verse. Last year's NaNoWriMo left me with 55K words of unfinished story. Perhaps I will finish it for this year's NaNo?
  15. Holmes crossover sequel. In notes form.

In order of likely completion. The ones at the top of the list are all at advancing at the same rate. I fear there might be ficspam at the end of the month when I finish them all at once. I feel like I'm forgetting something... I need to organize my fiction svn repository a bit better.

I note that I made good on the threat to have it be a summer of Giles/Buffy, following the spring of Giles/Xander. Perhaps an autumn spasm of Giles/Ethan? I want to write some shorter things set in the Glass universe, maybe some gen character sketches to show Giles with his father and his father's Slayer.

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