A moment of pure wriggling joy!

Okay, I know this is silly. But when I first started reading Buffy fanfic, and consumed all the Giles stories I could find, I found Of Demons And Destiny first. And it remains for me the best Gilesy fic archive. (Riposte runs second.) If it wasn't on one of those two sites, it might as well have not existed for me.

So I'm all wriggly to see that I at last have my very own author page on ODD. It's like I exist now!
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Congratulations! That is exciting. That's not a list of all of your stories, though, right?
I have a vision of some other timid Giles fan tiptoeing in and finding the archives glittering with fic... and I'm in there too! Hooray!
It's sort of not exactly an accomplishment :) Post stories to the mailing list; eventually the stories show up on the web site. But still! I'm where my first and favorite Buffy fanfic authors are!
It's not silly, it's all shiny and delicious and rose-scented to find yourself in an archive you love and admire.

(dances you around the room)

Celebrate, babe! This is a stellar level of awesome!
Awesome!! I love that site, so it's wonderful to know you are listed there now.

I just quickly read the Halloween one with Ethan and was chuckling away at the vision of domesticated Giles.

And hugs,
I love the AU that little story hints at. Would love to read what happens when Angelus kills Jenny anyway, leaving Giles alone with his infant son. Ouch ouch ouch!
Very cool! Your own author page rocks! And why did I not know about this Demons and Destiny site? Huh. Maybe because when I first started reading Buffy fanfic, the first site I found was All About Spike.
I love the character-specific archives, though often I wish BtVS had a big central archive. It would have been nicer when I was getting started finding fic. In particular, getting into the LJ end of it has been very difficult.
Grab the little things and love them, 'cause the big things are so unpredictable. That's the ticket!
I remember when I got my author page there, it is indeed a heady feeling.

Hey, I can't get into ODD tonight -- it's crashed/locked up Firefox several times now. Are they having site problems, or is it just me? I know I've gotten in before.....
I remember being all giddy the first time someone asked to archive my stories. Actually, it still makes me proud and excited. ODD was one of the first spots I went hog wild reading fic and I'm glad to see they're still going strong. And an archive would not be complete without your wonderful work.