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Weekend accomplishments

  1. Watched the first two Bourne movies in preparation for seeing the third in the theater. Observed (not for the first time) that they are better movies than they were books. Thus they join The Manchurian Candidate in my little list of counterexamples to the general rule that The Book Is Better.
  2. Hung out with sahiya, nemaihne, Mr N, Mr P, and friend-of-N-with-broken-leg L. Gave away soap. Yay soap!
  3. Painfully wrote a few more hundred words in my Giles/Ethan 31st Psalm story. In which I have lost all confidence.
  4. Re-read outline for Tradition & Protocol part 2. Revised same. Amount of work remaining for it is huge; 30K words at the very least.
  5. Failed to write anything for my Ethan ficathon story. Story plan has some substance, however.
  6. Failed to do housework.
  7. Hacked a bit on migration tool. Which, thanks to an outbreak of fandom insanity I worry we'll all need. At this point, I'm just hoping that the CA AG's office snorts in amusement and moves on to something serious. [ETA: The original poster has self deleted, and seems to have been a sockpuppet with many other sockpuppet journals writing in support. The letter to the AG might have been just as imaginary as everything else. Consolation!]
  8. Not my accomplishment, but I still get to squee about it here: katekat1010 made a fic banner for "Blackmail"! (Safe for all but the touchiest workplaces.)
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Chances are the AGs office will decide not to touch this one with a barge pole...but you never know. All it takes is one zealot in the office to take us all out.

And when they do come after us, we're all going to be labelled kiddie pornographers even if - like me - we've never written anything like that.

We get by on the sufference and lack of official notice taken by copywrite holders. But for every Joss, who actively encourages fanfic, or Smallville, which has actually referenced particular fanfics in scripts, or Michael Shanks who talks openly about loving to read fanfic about his character, there are a dozen Anne Rice's who will sue the ass off of anybody they catch who tries to fic their universe.

And once it becomes 'common knowledge' that all fanfic is pure, unadulterated, perverted child pornography, we're all well and truly fucked.

Thanks, idiots spamming the AG's office in underage Harry/Snape art's name! We so goddamn appreciate it.

Katekat's on a nice roll, isn't she? That's a lovely banner. Did you see the one she did for malnpudl's After 8:30? It's gorgeous, too.
Thanks, idiots spamming the AG's office in underage Harry/Snape art's name! We so goddamn appreciate it.

I just don't have words any more. The amount of magical thinking I've been seeing from fans this week has astonished me. And if they do succeed in screwing it up for all fanfic, from genfic to adult kinkfic, from the entirely innocent to the extreme... just argh.
Oh my. I just don't have the capacity to describe how completely stupid getting the law involved is...

Dear Mr. Man:

There's this company that won't let me post copyright infringing pron. They got so uppity, they took down my smut. Make them put it back...
You forgot: copyright-infringing underaged pr0n. Make them put it back, Mr AG!

WHAT. Fandom, WHAT. Discretion. Please.
You know, I'm a terrible person- but it's not the underaged thing that bothers me. I assume underage is like seventeen and I was active long before that time by choice and in real life. But I think if there's one avenue someone could take to wipe all of fandom with easiest to produce case and the best chance of big gun support, it would be on copyrights. I remember Disney prosecuting for pirated pogs and certainly for that Disney Orgy art that went around a few years ago. Linsner (Cry for Dawn) can draw all sorts of things and no one bats an eye, but the second he drew Beauty on a card, he was dragged through the ringer. (It was a damn funny card, though...)
If I was sitting in the AG office and even an inkling of lawyerly ambition- I'd immediately focus on the fact that a lot of licensed characters were involved, some of which with very powerful license-holders. Joss may be great for letting fanfic go through, but even he is beholden. That's why there will never be another Firefly tv show.
The under-aged-ness of the HP art has varied. The one the poster got bounced for was ambiguous; I'd have put him in mid-to-late teens. But apparently at least one of the artists has drawn Harry even younger (14-ish) and in one case, having sex with dog!Sirius. This squicks me, personally, and I have no trouble imagining LJ deciding not to host it. The bad PR potential is huge. I can't judge the legality; I suspect it might come to a trial, which would be the sort of thing LJ/SixApart would not exactly want to step up for.

The copyright stuff... I dunno. I think a good set of lawyers probably could earn fanfic some solid legal ground. Who's going to volunteer to pay those lawyers? Do we want to take the chance that we'd lose?
Re: 7

Honest to god, what was she thinking? Really? The one thing that famdom tries to do is fly under the radar. *sigh*

For the most part, I'm guessing the whole thing'll get tossed. But so help me, this girl gets us banned or whatever... we're gonna throw down. I may not be really involved in fandom right now, but it's nice to know it's there when I want to go back to it.
Best for all concerned if it's just quietly dropped. That's the kicker, for me. Everybody's happier if this dies quietly. Fandom gets to keep doing what it's been doing, with the exception of a subsegment of the HP fandom. LJ/SixApart gets to continue making money from hosting a journaling site. The IP owners get to keep their happy rabid fanbase. Why is this hard to grasp?
Urg...what now, oh wise one? What shall we do? And should I be removing my one story from jellies because of this?
Nope. Stay calm. My prognosis is still that text is safe, LJ will be the home of the older segment of fandom for the next year or two, and that the noise will die down. If serious trouble hasn't been stirred by September, it probably won't be.

Note that stunts like contacting the CA AG's office is the sort of thing that might potentially stir up real trouble. I'm still betting that it won't really. But it's not smart. Sleeping dogs, etc.
Re: 7 There is not enough WTF in the world

Re 8: yummy

Thanks for the beta help, it made the story so much better. *hugs*