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Weekend accomplishments

  1. Watched the first two Bourne movies in preparation for seeing the third in the theater. Observed (not for the first time) that they are better movies than they were books. Thus they join The Manchurian Candidate in my little list of counterexamples to the general rule that The Book Is Better.
  2. Hung out with sahiya, nemaihne, Mr N, Mr P, and friend-of-N-with-broken-leg L. Gave away soap. Yay soap!
  3. Painfully wrote a few more hundred words in my Giles/Ethan 31st Psalm story. In which I have lost all confidence.
  4. Re-read outline for Tradition & Protocol part 2. Revised same. Amount of work remaining for it is huge; 30K words at the very least.
  5. Failed to write anything for my Ethan ficathon story. Story plan has some substance, however.
  6. Failed to do housework.
  7. Hacked a bit on migration tool. Which, thanks to an outbreak of fandom insanity I worry we'll all need. At this point, I'm just hoping that the CA AG's office snorts in amusement and moves on to something serious. [ETA: The original poster has self deleted, and seems to have been a sockpuppet with many other sockpuppet journals writing in support. The letter to the AG might have been just as imaginary as everything else. Consolation!]
  8. Not my accomplishment, but I still get to squee about it here: katekat1010 made a fic banner for "Blackmail"! (Safe for all but the touchiest workplaces.)
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