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Ficathons I want to run

Or at the very least write for. But fandom has slowly taught me that if I want more of something, the best way to get it is to cheerfully do it myself: write the story! run the ficathon! So in that spirit, I present a list of Ficathons I Am Thinking About. For some time after the Ethan Rayne ficathon has had a chance to settle in and wow us all with the niftiness of the stories written for it.

  1. Buffy is the Hero, Dammit
    This idea is ruuger's idea, not mine; see poll. Buffy-centric, any pairing, so long as she's the hero. The Slayer. You know.
  2. Giles Genficathon
    Action/adventure, angst, schoolboy!Giles, whatever: just so long as it's gen. I could also go for a classic High School Scoobies Adventures variant of this. (I still love the first 3 seasons best.)
  3. Ripping Tales
    His name's not Rupert. He's not a Watcher. He's not going back to them.
  4. Young Watcher challenge
    Fic responses to this photograph.
  5. Pregnant Giles
    Trekker's written him for us, but nobody else has, darn it! We need more of fandom's most absurd trope! For sufficiently small values of "need".

What do you want to read more of?

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You know what? I haven't written in ages, but I would totally be down for a Buffy is the Hero, Dammit! ficathon. Seriously. I would write something for that.
I want to read all of them and I want to write most of them. Most of all, I think I want the Buffy is the Hero, Dammit! and the Giles genficathon. Classic High School Adventures would totally rock.

I did write a bit of pregnant Giles once in a chapter or two of The Hellmouth Chronicles (Winter of Discontent, about midway through or so), but he wasn't really pregnant. Also, Wesley and Xander were faux-pregnant, too. OTOH, if the ficathon presented itself, there's every chance I'd be an idiot and sign on for it. I can't resist a good, Gilesy challenge.

The only one I'm not sure I could write something for would be Ripping Tales, oddly enough. For some reason Ripper stuff just doesn't interest me nearly as much as any other aspect of Gilesness.

And if I can poke you just a touch about format, I really love things like SoG where we all signed up for days and then posted what we liked that fit the subject matter. When we're assigned to write things for one another...all too often someone drops out without word leaving someone without a fic at all, or else half the participants don't read their assignments carefully and wind up giving the person they're assigned the precise opposite of what they wanted. Just some food for thought, there.
I agree about format. I never participate in ficathons because I absolutely cannot write to a prompt, and trying to write to a deadline is also an iffy proposition...
I will think on this and find a way to make it work. For thematic things like screenshot challenges or even the mpreg challenge, prompts seem superfluous.
That's right, you did! And none of them quite reacted the way Willow had expected them to. (Oh, man, it would be so nice if you ever felt moved to finish that. I loved the direction the subplot with Giles's dad was going.)

I think for the challenge ones (mpreg and the baby!Watcher photo), a due date to put up a master list would be cool. I'm intrigued by the idea of a "week of Giles gen" or something like that. The gilesxander October Fest is something like this. Only I think I would go for a more concentrated "lots of posters every day" sort of thing. Some of my favorite days on summer_of_giles were the days when we got a ton of stuff at once. (Am greedy. I admit it.)
Some of my favorite days on summer_of_giles were the days when we got a ton of stuff at once. (Am greedy. I admit it.)

Call me Piggy and lead me to the trough!

I was actually looking at my old notes for Hellmouth Chronicles recently and contemplating trying to make the next chapter finally happen. I hold out no guarantees, but I'd still like to get back to it, myself. I just hit this wall one day and I've been waiting a couple years now for it to fall down go boom.

Oh, and being completely insane, I signed up for the G/X October Fest. At least I have an idea of what I might do for that. We'll see how it works out.

And yes, I do think a due date and master list would be plenty for the mpreg and the baby Watcher challenges.

(gleeees at the concept of more fun fic times)
these all sound great (although I'd love pregger!giles only if it was total and absolute crack!fic)

what would i love to see? Giles/Faith. I haven't found nearly enough of it.
I am hoping that the upcoming comic arc with the two of them is inspirational. Heh.

Total crack pregger!Giles: almost the whole point, I think! *evil giggle*
I really love post-series fics. I'm working on one with hero!Buffy and she's paired with Giles, so I get the best of all possible worlds. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be done any time in the next century. I could never participate in ficathons. I am molasses-esque.
I sometimes need the pressure. They scare the crap out of me, though. Seriously. I get stage fright.

But yay for more post-series Buffy/Giles!
I'd love to read any of these (except pregnant Giles - mpreg is always an off-button for me). I'm reigning myself in and refusing to sign on for writing one. I have far too many outstanding projects to work on at the mo.

Oh, this is just all reminding me of how much I love the show, and Giles in particular. It never really went away, but you know sometimes when you've taken a break from something for a while, there's that sheer joy of rediscovering it?
Absolutely! I also have fun when I watch something alongside somebody else watching it for the first time. I get a jolt of the rediscovery experience that way, too.
I was actually just thinking about the Buffy ficathon today when trying to decide if I should already do the sign-up post (since there seem to be new BtVS ficathons every week and I'm hoping to actually get people to sign up in mine), or if I should just wait until I get <"lj user="babylon5_love"> out of the way first. Decided on the latter, so I'll probably have the sign-ups some time towards the end of this month.

Also, I have this really silly idea for a "movie poster" graphic for the sign-up post that I also need to do before I make the post...
One signup from me, and there will be pimpage. And judging by the comments here, there's a pent-up interest in stories featuring Buffy.

And heck, just started watching the B5 comm. I did so love that series.
Mpreg is pure crack; either you're in the mood for the insanity or not. :) And it looks like I have poked ruuger into doing it! Lots of goodies to read, at least.
See ASH looking gleeful.

How about ... [wait for it] ... ALL of those ideas. Have a (let's say) Giles!Winter during which time anyone who's signed up can post anything that would fit the parameters already stated. So, on any given day, we'd get Heroic Buffy (kicking ass), pregnant Giles (Dear Lord, indeed), genfic, etc.

You leave the door open for all sorts of ideas to blossom, instead of restricting the subject matter.


Expectant (no, not like that) hugs,
I'm all on board for the Buffy one! [I even went and friended ruuger after you gave me the head's up last time.]

2-4 all sound interesting as well, and I must admit I'm becoming more and more fond of gen fic.
What? Not #5? The mpreg never gets the love! :)

I think the photograph challenge will be tons of fun. I might do that first.
I'd love to read fic about Giles' mystery years - between the Ripper days and becoming Buffy's Watcher.

Or some Giles/Giles'age!OFC fic - sometimes the age difference between Giles and Buffy, Willow, Faith, etc gets to be too much for me.

My personal obsession is fic that explains pod!Giles in Seasons 6 and 7 - or AU that takes him - and us - in a better direction. Especially stories that explore what he was up to while he was away from Sunnydale.

Well, that's my own personal wish list....

And some first-3-seasons gen stories about Giles and the kids would be great!