Hello, good evening, and welcome to Friday night. I'm still at work, of course. It's not 7PM yet where I am. I might be at work even later than that.

I obviously did not get my Giles/Ethan story completed in time for the feedmykink challenge, since you do not see it posted here. This week has been insane, and I haven't been able to settle down to write at all. Instead, I will pursue some of the less kinky story elements that interested me as I wrote, and finish at leisure.

My Ethan Rayne ficathon story idea finally caught fire and is running amuck in my brain. Which is good of it, since it doesn't have much time left to write itself. Darn it.

I also have three other stories in progress, all of them Giles/Buffy in quite different settings. Sigh. I would like to be able to get into a writing headspace at some point this weekend. Unfortunately, I suspect it's going to be a hacking-heavy weekend, as I attempt to make the migration tool even more useful and bugless and cool.

As far as I can tell, teh EllJay really did say it would boot people for the content of linked-to sites, which is so beyond insane that I have to deduce that it's total chaos behind the scenes there. Implosion in progress. I still can't tell if "Thusia" is against their interpretation of their rules this week. I'm fairly certain that screencaps of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the "Surprise" episode-- when 17-year-old Buffy has sex with the 240-year-old vampire Angel-- are against the rules this week. For example, this screenshot of the two in bed. Even though the episode is re-run on American television all the time.

There. I could be banninated at any second now.

ETA: Added cuts. Also, I think I'm fairly done with the topic. My prediction is still that fandom is more or less intact on LJ six months from now, with some segments of HP fandom elsewhere.

And in closing: Happy birthday to sahiya!
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It's not a detailed depiction of a sexual act, nor is there nudity, so I suspect there's nothing actionable to it.
One is text and not explicit, and the other is an image, also non-explicit. So you might be right. Though there was a bunch of writhing around in sheets and moaning in the Buffy ep. Well, in the dream version of it in "Amends". Like this cap. Or the one my icon is from.
Believe me I've seen all those eps eleventy-billion times.

The kind of "child-porn" that LJ seems to be wanting to crack down on, from what I've seen in their lj-biz posts, would have to involve really graphic depictions of sexual acts and that's not what we get on Buffy. It's kind of a straw man to point to that as if it's the same thing as a picture of a 15 year old receiving a blow job, or whatever they're up in arms about.

The more fandom has pushed LJ to clarify its position, the murkier that position has seemed to me. The linking issue, for instance, is fairly nuts. Both sides would probably do well to shut up and let the controversy die. Sigh.
If not for the fact that Deemed Inappropriate Material = Exterminate, I probably would have done a mental review of what I've posted, shrugged my shoulders after concluding I'm very unlikely to be turned into the Abuse team and even if I was, that at worst they'd warn me and I'd know where the line was. Unfortunately their one strike and you're out policy is leading to folks, including myself, to push hard for clarity.
They need to back off that one-shot banning policy. Also the linking policy. Those are the policies that have distressed me. (I am fine with them booting the two images they decided to boot. I would also choose not to host that material, since I am not particularly interested in handing over all my assets to lawyers.)
I so love it when stories write themselves, merely using my fingers to type as quickly as I possibly can. But, alas, too often I must coax the words out of the ether and glue them onto the horizon of this earthly plane.

Re your Buffy/Angel pic, my take on it is that he was stalking her which makes him even more culpable. Taking advantage, etc., etc. /sarcasm.

Anyway, it's a quiet Friday night and I'm thinking of the reverse Daddy!kink I'll be writing. Why? Because it's the way I think.

Sympathetic hugs for your insane week. Hope you can shake off its effects through the weekend.
I love love love the Buffy/Angel storyline of doomed romance, but completely agree that his behavior was creepy. (Am also amused by people who dislike Giles/Buffy because he's so much older, given the Angel age differential. Is it just that Angel looked like he was 30 to Buffy's 16, instead of Giles's 40+?)

Am looking forward to discovering what reverse Daddy-kink means, heh. I just realized I didn't leave you feedback on the G/Wes leather competition fic! Nor on the heartbreaking Giles/self fic. Bad me.
As one of those people who can't cope with Giles/Scooby, particularly Buffy, I'll take a crack at this question:

Is it just that Angel looked like he was 30 to Buffy's 16, instead of Giles's 40+?

Nope. I'd hardly be able to ship Severus Snape with Hermione Granger if age difference alone was that big a deal to me, considering that although the canon age difference is a bit less the differential between the respective actors is much larger. It's more that I see the relationship between Giles and Buffy, Xander, and Willow, but especially Buffy to be very quasi-parental. Thus it hits my incest squick button to pair him with any of them.

I've made a few attempts recently to read assorted Giles/Xander and one Giles/Willow, but the only one that didn't squick me was the Giles/Willow, and that largely because the relationship really wasn't central to the story and I was able to scroll past where it showed up and ignore it without losing the plot.

Though I'm also realizing that I have a general preference to avoid shippiness in the Buffyverse altogether, save Giles/Ethan and Willow/Tara, and I haven't quite figured out why yet. It's a distinct possibility that I'm simply nuts. :-)
Interesting! Because what often attracts me to Severus/Hermione is the exact dynamic that attracts me to Giles/Buffy: the mentor-student relationship. G/B also has for me the appeal of two very different people brought together by a shared destiny that's pure misery for both of them (for different reasons). Slaying means death.

Severus and Hermione have a little more in common to begin with than Giles and Buffy do, I think.

Giles/Ethan is fascinating to me for all sorts of reasons. The two obviously have a complex story together that has left both of them with strong feelings, only vaguely sketched out by canon. That setup is catnip to fan writers. And that they're ex-lovers is near-canon (is canon, if you count Jane Espenson's stated intent in writing them).

It's okay. I'll let you off the hook this time for not leaving f/back on my fics. After all, you had work insanity and the more pesky (though less intelligent) ell-jay mega-insanity.

And I just thought of why certain (!?!) people think that B/G is creepy while B/A is perfectly okay: I think they have not experienced life/love in full reality. After all, Angel is all broody and obsessed and OMG isn't it cool that he's so in love with Buffy??? [Excuse me while I go throw up!]

But, now, I must go face reality and make my bed. Otherwise I can't go to sleep. And that's no fun.

Always-enjoy-chatting-with-you hugs,
Thank you!

Might see you tomorrow after all. There isn't any specific reason for me to be in Santa Cruz before nine or so anyway, so I might at least be able to do dinner, if not the movies.