Today was madness

Haven't had time to breathe today, never mind write fiction, write some fandom squee, or keep up with the latest hullaballoo news. I am 70 comments underwater and drowning fast. Tonight is WOW night for me, however, and I am not going to be looking at the migration tool, or comments, or fandom stuff. Pizza, soda, friends, and WOW, that's my plan. I'm sorry, did I say 70? I meant to say 80 comments.

Though I note that if LJ is serious that they would ban people for content on external links, I am finally furious with them.

Aw, screw LJ.

Gimme your Giles squee tonight! Your five favorite stories! Your fave gen stories. Giles/Buffy. Giles/Xander. Giles/Ethan. The story that sold you on [insert pairing here].

Tell me which Sherlock Holmes story by ACD is your favorite.
This is my second attempted post, so if I make two, I apologize.

I was going to go with most beautifully written, but I think instead I'll go for pure smut value.

I loves: Les Amours Defendus by soft_princess, because daddy!kink is frighteningly hot; Into the Dark Age by sadbhyl, because I actually like Ethan in this and the sex is nice and dirty; Poof by manic1066 'cause there's lots of great B/G action; Hazy Solos by you is just unbelievable in its good old fashioned smutiness; and Fluking by Saint Buffy, because I'm a sucker for happy endings. And, as a bonus I think I’ll add The Scapegoat by kindkit for a touching scene between Giles and Andrew.
I love those stories, with the exception of "The Scapegoat", which I think I haven't read. Or if I have, I don't remember it. "Fluking" is hilarious; I love the way she writes them all drunk. "Poof" is one of those stories where I want to beta-read in retrospect, but the story's heart beats so strong and steady that I forgive the sentences anyway. And Sofy's story is the one that taught me I could enjoy Daddy!kink after all. (I still have a pretty shaky tolerance for it, though. I have to be sold on it.)
No opinion on Giles stories as I've read but one. (Wild Is The Wind by Dolores Labouchere)

My favorite Sherlock Holmes story is Hound of the Baskervilles as I remember it best. Although after reading Absurdly Simple (by Irene Adler) I have more than passing fondness for the Jeremy Brett version of ACD's story The Adventure of the Empty House.
Why "Scandal in Bohemia" of course. Followed closely by "Man With The Twisted Lip"
Those are two great ones. My favorites all come from the first two runs of stories, before he brought Holmes back to life. I'm fond of "The Naval Treaty", for instance.
Favorite Holmes story? I'm partial to "A Study in Scarlet" (Rache written in blood! Heh), "A Scandal in Bohemia," and The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Dude. I so recced that the other day as one of my alltime faves :) It's great writing, never mind great Giles! And it's ljs. *points up to earlier comment* Tell her!