Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Today was madness

Haven't had time to breathe today, never mind write fiction, write some fandom squee, or keep up with the latest hullaballoo news. I am 70 comments underwater and drowning fast. Tonight is WOW night for me, however, and I am not going to be looking at the migration tool, or comments, or fandom stuff. Pizza, soda, friends, and WOW, that's my plan. I'm sorry, did I say 70? I meant to say 80 comments.

Though I note that if LJ is serious that they would ban people for content on external links, I am finally furious with them.

Aw, screw LJ.

Gimme your Giles squee tonight! Your five favorite stories! Your fave gen stories. Giles/Buffy. Giles/Xander. Giles/Ethan. The story that sold you on [insert pairing here].

Tell me which Sherlock Holmes story by ACD is your favorite.
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