Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Things I have learned in the last couple of days

- LJ's APIs are demented and poorly documented.
- People who used memories instead of tags are screwed. Tags are available as post metadata and can therefore be migrated. Memories are not accessible via the client API; see point 1.
- There is no earthly reason why community comments should not be accessible, but they aren't. Probably the programmer who hacked up the feature went out and got drunk before he could finish it. See point 1.
- Dave Winer should be shot for failing to allow for Unicode strings in XML-RPC.
- Python's xmlrpclib is similarly awful about converting strings to unicode; fully 2/3rd of my bugs have been with unconverted data that is a) treated as binary that should be utf-8, or b) being treated as regular python strings when they should be unicode strings.
- In consequence, Python 3000 cannot come too soon for me.
- But next time I'll get it it right from the beginning.
- Half the code is error-handling. (Though strictly speaking I'd learned this years ago. It's always true.)
- Despite the above, the project was absurdly easy. Anybody could have written a migration tool at any time. Give me a week and a case of Diet Coke and I'll make it dance the foxtrot for you.

Also: LJ fandom is full of sweet people who are very patient with my bugs.

Ah, fandom! You do puzzle me so.
Tags: geek

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