Expanding comment threads

Is Greasemonkey the only way to coerce freakin' LJ into expanding all comments on a page? I use Camino as my usual browser, Safari to be logged into LJ with another account, but I'll switch to Firefox for a little while if it's the only way to browse vast amounts of LJ comments sanely.

I know about:
LJ New Comments (random icons of Giles spotted in wild! poster wins!)
comment thread unfolder

Anything else to snag?
The thread unfolder doesn't always work for me--I think there are some jnl styles that break it.
Variable Flow (the one I'm using) breaks it. But a little format=light gets the page into a form the script can handle.
Hello! And indeed it does-- I'm constantly surprised by how large it is and how many corners of it I simply haven't come across yet.

If you find somebody else's LJ template annoying, slow, or hard to read, you can suppress it in two different ways:

The first one uses a general lightweight format, and works for people who haven't logged into LJ as well as for LJ users. The second formats the page with your own template, if you're logged in.
I use that second one.
I just have something--a greasemonkey script?--set so that happens all the time, but the other I didn't know about.
Is there a script for that?
Hi, stopping by again... I use the comment thread unfolder script you mention, and a bookmarklet in the browser toolbar to send the page into a compatible style when needed. (That bookmarklet can be easily modified to work on any *journal.com site.)

In Firefox, I also have the problem where certain characters were not rendered correctly -- this is supposed to be a heart: ♥ but for me it looked like a pipe character. I wrote a tiny greasemonkey script to fix that, although it's a hacky solution. I can send that along if you'd like it. :)
Hmmmmmm. How old is your LJ, btw? Are those posts from before the Unicode era? They're kinda illegal windows-only characters, so LJ ought to be translating them. (I could translate them to appropriate html character codes, in fact.)
Whatever this bug is, I don't think it has anything to do with livejournal (and I don't think it's anything your tool needs to translate.) For some reason, firefox and camino don't display the html characters right at all, for me. If you scroll almost all the way to the bottom on this page:


This is what I see:


So my hack was to make a greasemonkey script to put a span tag changing those characters to monospace, since that works. *shrug*

My LJ was born in April, 2005, btw. :) When I first started poking around fandom in 2004/2005, I honestly thought that the pipe character was a fandom symbol for love. I confused many people. ;)
Well, I can't help with how to unfold the comments. However, I do that if the number of comments hits 50, that's when they collapse.
I think it does unfolding in all formats, actually, but I'll play around with it when I get home to find out for sure.
I use Camino as my usual browser, Safari to be logged into LJ with another account,

Snap! I didn't know anyone else who did that. Hubby thinks I'm mad, because if I'm working on my site and reading certain fic archives, I can end up with four different browsers open on my machine at once. Gotta love the Mac.