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Glenn Cook

Here's an interview with fantasy writer Glenn Cook from a couple of years ago:

Q: Has any particular novel been more difficult for you to write than others?

A: Whatever I happen to be working on at the moment is the hardest goddamn thing I've ever wrestled with. I grow to hate it. I know it sucks. And, usually, when I read it after I've had a chance to forget it, I'm pleasantly surprised.

Heartening, perhaps, that this feeling is shared?
The Black Company books by Cook are quite good. Mr P is reading his most recent series, which I am quite behind on, but the first book there was good as well. Gritty fantasy: no traditional divine-right-of-kings feudal wish-fulfillment here.
I've never read the Black Company books--I think when I was in the mood for them, I couldn't get all of them and since I'm obsessive about reading something from the beginning of a series, I just never bothered. I do like his Garrett books though. The earlier books in the series are better. The last couple have just been so-so.

I know what he means about putting something away and coming back to it and being pleasantly surprised. I do that a lot.
I have never had that experience, but I am ever hopeful that someday I will look back and think, That wasn't horrible.
Well, the down side is, you read something you wrote a year ago, and it was really good, but you never finished it and now you want to know how it ends and it just leaves you sitting there. Very frustrating.

He and I live in different parts of south St. Louis -- we used to run into each other walking through Tower Grove Park.

Anyway, have added you to my Friend-list. If after looking at my journal you wish to reciprocate, cool. If not, I understand, no problem.