Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

OS X migration tool in progress; check back later

Today's project will be a journal migration tool for Macintosh/OS X users. It'll once again be a command-line thing for rapid development purposes, though I might re-write in Cocoa/Objective C once I've solved the problem once and have some breathing room. (Or I might finally have an excuse to play with PyObjC. Staged rewrite might be fun.)

Spec, in brief:
- Run tool.
- Tool will ask questions about your LJ account and your destination. (cache in config file for second runs)
- Chug. LJ data will be archived locally.
- Chug. LJ data will be mirrored on second site.

Will need testers once I have something to test. I will update when I'm ready. ETA: Look over here! Ready!

I have a number of additional thoughts, about the likelihood of this exact pattern playing out with whatever US-based host fandom decides to descend upon like all-consuming locusts, and some other issues, but I'll save it. synecdochic summarizes the problem.

ETA: I now have a rewrite of ljdump that is saner in several important ways. It saves entries, comments, and userpics. Migration phase next.
ETA: I just successfully migrated all of the posts in my test LJ account to my test IJ account. Now I see how much of the meta-data I can migrate. This problem was fairly straightforward.
ETA: Userpics are not exposed in the LJ api. So, the only task remaining is sync-ing; that is, if an action is an update for an LJ post, we need to update the destination account instead of posting a new entry. But the core use case (run once; repost everything) is working.
ETA: Update case working. Tool ready for early testing.
Tags: geek, meta

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