Sorry, don't know what happened to me. Thanks so much for pointing this out. He would definitely make a different type Doctor. Is giddy beyond control. OMG!!!


Sorry again. I'll just be over here basking.
I liked the horse. And the mirrors. Though Mr P & I made mocking noises when they failed to show Tennant riding the horse in any shots. HA!
Sadly I don't know who he is exactly, but something about his look is right. I look at his portrait and think, they're bringing UNIT in if they haven't already...
FTR, I didn't like Tennant's Who one bit. Eccleston made it easy to skim over any weak writing, but Tennant highlighted it.
Ah yes, "The Girl in the Fireplace", the ep which will be forever known in my house as "the ep which followed ASH".
Mr P put up with my fannish cooing over ASH as Finch. Want him back on Who, that's what I say. More Tony!
Huh. Eccleston was great, and I couldn't imagine them replacing him ... but now that I've seen Tennant, I can't imagine going back.
I think the reality of Who fandom is getting used to new Doctors, though, isn't it? He regenerates. I'm slowly figuring it out.
Oh, certainly. Everybody has favorites, but ... you go into it knowing he's going to be replaced. I think it's a parallel with the Doctor's relationships with his companions. No matter how much he loves them (in whatever way he loves them, platonic or not), they ain't a-gonna last. And he knows it.
She's not going to die, no, probably not. But he knew she wasn't going to be tagging along with him forever, too.