Giles/Xander 2

Fruit continues to please

So, woah! "Apples, Oranges, and Pears" is unbelievably nominated some more. This time it's the Happy Endings Awards round 3!

I was telling Mr Pedia the other day that I need to figure out what people liked about that story so I can bottle it. Hee! My theories are: 1. Xander. 2. Funny. 3. Xander. 4. The summary line at the end of each section. 5. Xander. 6. Happy ending! 7. Shirtless Giles.
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Hmm, so what does a lurker, heavy into het B/G, like about 'the fruit story'? The humour. The wrap line at the ends, ya that too. But ya, the humour. Xander goes through hell+angst, with humour. Grace. A spastic kind of dignity. Shirtless Giles is too easy, he makes everything better. This story (and 'Dust on his Hands') give Xander the dignity his courage deserves - he was never a Zeppo.
(& whatabout that Ripper news, eh? OMGsquee!)
Ah. Thank you! I like that you can see the dignity in Xander. Particularly in "Dust", where he's so so broken, but so determinedly pulling himself back out of the hole. And in his choices about how to remake himself.
That was the first ever story of yours I read, and I did love it. I suppose because up to then all Giles/Xander stuff had been so angst driven, not that I'm complaining, I have times of being a complete angst puppy, but this was sweet and funny, and it made me happy. Sometimes its good to read a story that makes you go awwwww

Ok heading back into lurkland
Nice to hear from you! (I love chatting with everybody, in case it wasn't already clear :)) I have written angsty G/X, and I've read a bunch of it too, but mainly I love the pairing because it's so sunny at heart. At least I think so. They'd be so good for each other. And Xander is, in my conception, a happy person at his core.