Lots of reading today

summer_of_giles is scorching its way to the close with some great fiction and art. The icon on this post is from an LJ layout set by pixelleate, posted yesterday. And today sahiya and secondalto are giving us an embarrassing amount of fiction to read. S'killing me-- Summer of Giles was great last year, and if anything better this year.

Am attempting to finish the 31st Psalm G/E sometime in the next week. It is, I blush to report, written for feedmykink's kink of the month prompt for August. So I need to finish it soon-ish to get it into the posting window. Er. I hope they like it. It's a bit unhappy.

Made huge progress on the (rather sweet) Giles/Buffy prompt fic, in which I take about four million G/B fic cliches and mash 'em up into cliche gumbo, with lots of okra. Okay, two cliches. Possibly three. Wrapped around a plot that is pure crack. I am in the groove and loving it.

Am seriously thinking about giving "Readings" the nearly-daily update approach. I have a thorough outline, and segments of it written scattered throughout the rest of the story, so maybe I could pull it off. Or maybe I should just chill out. Write the Ethan ficathon story, steadfastly refuse to sign up for any more ficathons, and steadily finish all the WIPs. Would y'all be okay with that as a plan? The chill-out thing, that is.

Resizable text fields in Safari 3 are pure sex, by the way. Though I would have to agree with my esteemed colleague Dr Not On LJ that the Safari 3 find-in-page user interface is best described as made of sex, and not as pure sex.

Also: am watching Jekyll and liking it so far. Creepy. I do love horror. In particular: horror written by Steven Moffat, who brought us "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances".
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The chill out thing would probably be good for you, so long as you stick to your guns about no new ficathons. Finishing your WIPs, if you're anything like me, would give you a nice accomplished feeling.
I need that feel. Crave it. So badly, right now. I feel like I'm failing at fandom 101. (I know, I know, total overreaction.)

NO NEW FICATHONS. sigh. maleslashminis, I love thee, but I cannot.
Chill out? You want to chill out? Nope, sorry, not allowed. Keep overloading yourself, cranking out new fic often, and signing up for every ficathon that comes along, or else. Remember, some of us know where you live.

Heh. Kidding!!! ;)

Seriously, though, do what makes you feel good. There is no pressure here, to do anything. Write what is working for you, when it's working. Sign up for that ficathon that is launching plot bunnies at you with a cannon. Don't get stressed out, thinking you're letting anyone down because you have however many WIP's. We're all thrilled to read whatever you write, whenever you write it. :)